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OM: Villas-Boas better than Bielsa? – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


OM: Villas-Boas better than Bielsa? - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Like Marcelo Bielsa before him, André Villas-Boas put back to the forefront of Ligue 1 Conforama. Midway through the season, compared to the record of the two coaches on the Phoenician bench.

Andre Villas-Boas woke the Olympique de Marseille as a Marcelo Bielsa before him. Foreign coach, popular and well classified as the Argentine, the Portuguese, who receives Nimes on Saturday (8:45 p.m.) for the 19th day of Ligue 1 Conforama. Can you go to the Champions League?

« They’re totally different warns Captain Steve Indanda. Everyone has their own way of doing things.” I had the opportunity to work with both and i had fun with both, their different methods, but they work ».

Autumn Dolphin

The first difference can already be seen in the ranking. Bielsa had taken the lead at Christmas 2014, ahead of Paris Saint-Germain; “AVB” is sure to be a dolphin, but you don’t believe in the first place. Above all, he wants to consolidate his lead over Lille (4 points) and Rennes (5 points), with the Bretons having one less match.

The second part of the season will be tough, OM will go to all its competitors except AS Monaco. We could make “a little mattress,” as Steve Mandanda says, with 19 points taken from the last 21 possible, and looking at three more “mandatory” (dixit AVB) against Nimes.

« I had the chance to be autumn champion with Marcelo Bielsa, but we finished 4th, it doesn’t mean anything tempers the captain.

The two seasons are a bit similar: OM has to relaunch after a failure, 6th in 2014, 5th last year, and coaches throw young players from the center. Stéphane Sparagna, Baptiste Aloé and Gael Andonian started with “El Loco”, Marley Aké, Lucas Perrin and Isaac Lihadji, who has not yet signed his professional contract, with the old “Special Two”.

It is less a vocation in Villas-Boas, but its OM has a small group due to financial fair play. For Mandanda, ” what the coach does with the team is beautiful, it’s great and it’s good ».

The chameleon and the dogmatic

In tactics, Bielsa had a rigid and very demanding game pattern, he ended up tired of his players by hours of repetitions of the passing circuits. And his team let himself go at the end of the season, finishing fourth, without the Champions League. But the football played by his OM was in sequence really with fliers.

Villas-Boas is more flexible. The way it adapted to the SCO’s style of play, for example, stunned the longed-for coach, Stéphane Moulin. And he won (2-0). The Portuguese prefers the 4-3-3, but can change during the match. Subtle in human resources, he managed to convince Dimitri Payet to play left, and even defend.

In return, the number 10, resplendent this first half of the season, has relative freedom, and AVB covers it with praise. « Dimitri is our technical and charismatic leader Said. « The coach was able to find the right system, greetS Mandanda, the right method to bring each player to 100% of their skills ».

AVB is less dogmatic, but it has faith. At the beginning of the season, the Champions League goal, ” The only one who thought he was the coach, remembers Mandanda. I was right. ».

The great teacher and theologian

Both technicians have charisma, but not the same. Smiles, blonde beards and very open press conferences, Villas-Boas is a kind of Mr. Keating, the letter teacher of the “Circle of Disappeared Poets”.

Thick glasses, fresher and always dodgy, Bielsa is a football theologian. He also gave tactical explanations, even more detailed than those of the Portuguese, but in a very masterful way. The Argentine spoke extensively about football at a press conference, but refused to discuss the hypotheses. The Portuguese is more willing to discuss their decisions.

Bielsa lit the Orange Velodrome and left a lasting memory, still having his followers despite his crushing resignation on the night of the 1stWas day of its second season.

If the current has not passed with Rudi García, Marseille likes these very typical coaches. Before Bielsa and AVB, the Belgian Eric Gerets also left a very fond memory of his time on the bench (2007-2009). He finished second, the goal of Villas-Boas…

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