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One study rejects Levante as champion of the 1937 Spanish Cup – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Levante UD, who won the Spanish Cup in 1937, cannot be considered the winner of the Spanish Cup. year because this tournament was not organized by the Spanish Federation of Football (FEF), according to a study by the History Research Center and Spanish Football Statistics (CIHEFE).

Valencian club repeatedly claimed as winner this trophy, his right to enter the Spanish Cup medal winners, tournament currently being played under the name of Copa del Rey, after being imposed at the Copa España Libre that year.

Rising Shield / Flag

The competition, held in the summer of 1937, with the presence of Espanyol, Girona, Levante and Valencia, defeated by Levante in the final played against Valencia in Sarrià (Barcelona).

ANDThe work that refutes this possibility was carried out by researcher José del Olmo, who holds the thesis that the Spanish Cup was a club-organized trophy and sponsored especially by then-Valencia CF president José Rodríguez Tortajada.

Del Olmo points out that Valencia's main leader was the "architect, creator and creator "of the competition and who convinced remaining participants, including the Levant, to participate.

Recalls that ETF "suspended and held suspended" all competitions for the year 1936-37 by Ricardo CabotSecretary that, moreover, this decision was made public in the newspapers of time.

"So there was no dispute, no league, no cup, no official played any games," says the study, which also indicates whereas the ETF has communicated this to FIFA, that in the minutes of your The November 1937 assembly declares that its president, Jules Rimet, He informed the Executive Committee of this.

Del Olmo stands out as an important nuance that at the end of the war Civil, the Federation decided to "disregard" regional competitions that were fought "both in the area occupied by the new coup regime like those of the Republicans. "

It's not the same as "disregard", "cancel", highlights the report, who insists on this detail and also points out that the Spanish Cup has the same competitive value as an important trophy like the World Cup. Navarre Brigades, which also does not appear on the list of federal winners.

Also remember that the Federation recognized in 2009 that in 1937 Spain has neither organized nor allowed to organize any competition throughout the country, "given the tragic circumstances that plagued the parents ".

In addition, it refers to the name of the competition -Copa España Libre- and indicates currently presented as the "Free Spanish Cup", what implying a grammatical change that "syntactically and semantically disfigures" the idea, aiming to approximate the name of the Spanish Cup.

too "they renamed the tournament with the name of" Republic Cup ", nickname he never received, which also means ignoring that the authentic crowns of the Republic were disputed between 1931 and 1936. "

"Finally, the election of the name Copa España Libre was settled by all parties, clubs and federative officials and the tournament is unlinked from an official identification with the Spanish championship ", add the document with reference to when it was adopted.

In the text, pretending to equate is considered "above all historical analysis and respect for the institutions" and that this initiative joined in 2009 "politicians to take advantage of populist attraction" and "opposition" to the current federal directive "to erode the opponent ".

The report concludes that it has been "unquestionably" confirmed that the 1937 ETF did not organize the Spanish Cup, nor is there a legal basis for claiming its approval at the Spanish Cup.