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Óscar Clemente, Atlético B's second-line top scorer – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Atletico B continues to fight for the lead of Group I of Second Division B, where they occupy the second place of the leader. The rojiblanco team He lost Darío Poveda for the rest of the season., his top scorer and benchmark above, which had become a match for Simeone in the first team since Diego Costa's injury. Striker debuted in Granadawhere he could suffer a penalty at the last minute but a torn cruciate ligament of the knee from which was operated yesterday He stopped at his best when he has scored 10 league goals.

In the first game without Poveda, Atlético beat Celtic B 3-1 with the objectives of German Valera, Sergio Camello and Sanabria. Three of the big promises of the quarry that Camel scored again after recovering from a osteosynthesis of stress injury in the fifth metatarsal of the right foot and it forced him to go through the operating room for three months off. While Camello regains form, the debutante with the first team scoring against Levante and Borja Garcés, author of Eibar's goal, also tunes in After eight months off due to an injury similar to Poveda's, Atletico will have to redistribute the goal.

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And in that facet one Oscar Clemente that despite not scoring in the last four games he is the second best scorer of the team in which march of the League with eight goals without being the defender. The 20-year-old canary is leaving a fantastic season and shining for its ability to arrive. With the & # 39; 10 & # 39; backwards the midfielder frees for his technical quality, intelligence, dribbling and non-marking ability.

Clement already knows what it is to exercise under Simeone's command with the first team, though has not made any calls yet. Without Poveda, Tenerife remain the team's top scorer while Camel and Garcés will fight for the beating post how well he was exercising Alicante in the 10 games he was in shape. The good work done by these three players, near Valera, Riquelme, Cedric or Sanabria, Athletic B's climbing options will depend.