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Oscar evolves into the exterminating angel of Leganes – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Oscar Rodriguez celebrates its second season at Leganés transformed into an exterminating angel of a team in which success is scarce. Your right hand is, for now, the ultimate goal provider south of the capital this season. He has four now, more than any other teammate and the same as he did last year.. This evolution towards a more close sock is evident (Only in Nesyri -35 kicks – he kicks more in goal than 28 kicks –), but it does not conflict with his defensive commitment, one of the virtues Bumpers for Pellegrino, Membranes and Aguirre.

"Yes, he has a lot of talent. When I arrived, I realized he was from Madrid. I didn't know. And Madrid is not wrong. It has a tremendous quality. But it is also versatile, you can put it wherever you want. He has a privileged physique. In Seville I took it off because I was tired. But it has a lot of wear. And if you score two goals … Real Madrid will take it from us … ", Basque joked this Sunday.

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Twice his son had left speechless minutes before a Butarque in which the The NavalmoraleI had just made history. Because since Leganés First, no soccer player has ever scored two direct free-kicks in the same season. The only antecedent was Gabriel Pires, now at Benfica, and author of Lega's first goal in Butarque as an elite team. He did it at Barça on September 17, 2016 and was so lucky with a free kick.

More than three years have passed and no blue and white have scored a foul until 25 September 2019 Óscar tied against Athletic with a great goal. What Celta did yesterday was more spectacular if possible, and allowed them, in addition to overcoming the above-mentioned Pires mark, to position themselves as the second most scoreless player in the current course, just behind Messi (four goals) and tied with Timornot now Getafe and does two courses also cucumber.

Your goals are safe points

A goal, the first, that allowed him to score the second, a missile at 25 meters that was surprised by Ruben. "I was anxious to score and with good self esteem for doing the first, "he confessed in the mixed zone, owner of a shy verb far more modest than his self-confidence in the field.

There, in the mixed zone, he found that this season, every time he scores, Leganés scores. This happened last year. "I didn't know … well, I'll have to score more," he joked before avoiding questions about Real Madrid. "I'm focused on the Leganés"he seriously insists every time he is questioned about his future at the White House, which Aguirre intends will be fixed, especially if he continues on this path of being the new pickle angel.