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Oscar, messiah of a harrowing triumph for a Lega believer – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Since arriving in Leganes, Aguirre has become a preacher of the impossible. Stay, go. Religion only for pure believers who did not have a messiah. He already has. His name is Oscar and in his still childish gesture (21 years) there is some innocence. A lie that camouflages itself with a look as dishonest as the right hand. Before Celta, this student breastfed by José María Gutiérrez (formerly Guti) led a triumph with final agony to eject the pickles from last position.

Leganés Coat of Arms / Flag

No, Lega is no longer a colista (there he was magnetized from day three) after a large collective deployment and a right hand that does not hit the ball. Explode. So gently made Oscar the first goal. His specialty was missing. It had already been caused by Bustinza, who suffered a central mutation due to casualties on the triggered track. Rafinha hunted him down. Birds shooting rifles. This, a cannon, pulled Oscar to arrest him in the squad (15). Rubén shouted between clubs, a metaphor of an unaffected Celtic who consecrated his attack on side centers without success.

Shield / Flag Seville

He didn't suffer Lega before the break because he played to the touch and galloped. So came the 2-0 (39 & # 39;) after another Oscar missile at 25 meters with Rubén a little ahead. and two changes already in the grass. Recio and Denis were touched. The third came in the middle. Bull came in through Hugo Mallo. It lasted 25 minutes. In two confrontations with Tarin, he won two letters that sent him to the locker room when Celta dreamed of the return. Because between yellow and yellow, Kevin made the 3-0 (55)), but Araujo injected the panic in Butarque with a goal (64)) with the assistance of Toro himself.

And despite playing with one less, Quotes cut distances (81)) with a goal in the wire that, like an uncontrollable virus, made the epidemic fear south of the capital. And there, living in panic, died a match that It was celebrated in Butarque as a title. There is faith in permanence. And Oscar is your messiah.

Oscar: "Looks like we need a blow to react"

Have you had this close?

In the first Leganés, he had two kicks and two goals. We had the ball, but without being deep. We lacked mobility. There was only one action Mine. In the second half, we got in better, but we can't waste minutes. It seems we need a blow to react. You have to go out with a mindset, as we did in the second part.

Which part feels responsible for the team situation?

The team dropped five points and now we are one.

Would I have made another alliance to be able to get it out now?

Yes … but we had Denis's injury. Pape was reluctant. The departure plan was for the 90 minutes. We were clear about the changes for the second part. The goals came to the set ball. We had a good reaction in the end. That is the positive.

The bull was expelled. What do you think of his behavior?

Everything went well. I think the cards are strict. Especially the second. Staying with 10 is never good. The team reacted well, but we'd like that with eleven, of course.

What do you think of Awaziem's ​​hand?

When there is a hand inside the area, logically we all protest. I didn't see it, but seeing the reaction of my players, I knew it was. But the VAR is for these parts.

How can this affect morale?

How could this affect us, I think there was a good reaction from the team. With 3-1, with one less, in the last minutes we deserve to score another goal. Players feel like reacting. I knew there is a lot of work to do and there is a league ahead. Together we think we will have a good season.

Is it comforting to have a player like Quotes?

I will not find out. It is very important not only in the field, also outside. With him well, we are stronger and more powerful. In the second part, he was more released. We have to help each other to be at the highest level. This way we will have more options to win games.

How did you see Ok? And what about Denis?

Denis trained well. He had no problems. But today he made a bad gesture and could not continue. You heard something strange about your ankle. Ok, we thought I could help. He played a good game.


Roque Mesa (37 & # 39; Difficult), Pione Sisto (37 & # 39 ;, Denis Suarez), Gabriel Fernandez (45 ’, Hugo Mallo), Brais (64 & # 39; Rafinha), Guido Carrillo (74 & # 39; Braithwaite), Erasmus (86 ’, Oscar Rodriguez)


1-0, 14 & # 39: Oscar Rodriguez, 2-0, 38:: Oscar Rodriguez, 3-0, 54 & # 39 ;: Kévin Rodrigues, 3-1, 63 & # 39 ;: Nestor Araújo, 3-2, 80:: Blades


Referee: José María Sánchez Martínez
VAR Referee: Adrián Cordero Vega
Difficult (4 amarelo, yellow) Okay Yokuslu (29 amarelo, yellow) Rubén Pérez (41 amarelo, yellow) Tarin (48 Amarelo, Yellow) Gabriel Fernandez (48 Amarelo, Yellow) Gabriel Fernandez (70 vermelho, red) Blades (93 amarelo, yellow