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Paco Jémez radius is born in Huesca with a double well – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The teacher won the battle with his excellent student and Paco saved the position with a double well. Rayo's coach won the game for Míchel and, with an intensity lesson, the visitors showed that they played a lot at El Alcoraz. The locals did not foresee the staff who were stunning at home and suffered his second defeat of the season at his stadium.

Huesca Shield / Flag

Embarba, who was the best of the game, was the first to alert with two kicks to which Alvaro Fernandez responded with solvency. Two shots from inside the area showing that the Vallecans had gone to El Alcoraz's lawn. Rayista himself was in charge of helping Pozo so that Paco's players scored the first goal of the afternoon. Malaga's direct kick surprised Alvaro, who only managed to catch the ball from the back of the net. The goalkeeper of Rioja had to take the ball from his goal again, in this case after a rejection by Ulloa ended offside.

Lightning Shield / Flag

Far from the reaction, those of Míchel were overcome at the beginning of the second part by those of Paco. Well marked the second and made things very difficult for the locals. A result that was close to increasing Embarba with two other clear chances of goals that would have left KO for the Aragonese.

Míchel tried to react with a double change and the entry of Okazaki and Blacksmith revitalized the sites. Escriche was close to closing the gap, but Dimitrevski bluntly avoided the goal. However, it was Lightning who was close to scoring, but in hand Trejo failed to beat Alvaro. Despite the Catalans' attempts in the last few minutes, the redheads suffered no and scored three points that saved Paco Jémez's neck, that break a race of six games without wins.

Míchel lost to his beam

Míchel faced his Rayo Vallecano for the first time in over 20 years as a soccer pro. After trying adventures in Malaga, Real Murcia or Almeria as a soccer player, he did not face the team of his life and the first stake paid him with defeat. Madrid coach was overtaken by teacher on benchIt turned out how his Huesca cut off his good gameplay. "We played more than they proposed than we wanted. The team worked well, but things didn't work out for us," he said.


Blacksmith (54 & Eugeni), Shinji Okazaki (55 & Juan Carlos), Oscar Valentine (72 & Jose Pozo), Sergio Gomez (79 & raba), Joni Montiel (79 & # 39 ;, Embarba), Moon (83 & # 39;, Titus)


0-1, 31 & # 39 ;: Jose Pozo.0-2.47 & # 39 ;: Jose Pozo


Referee: Daniel Ocón Arráiz
VAR Referee: Dámaso Arcediano Monescillo
Tito (24 amarelo, yellow) Polished (35 amarelo, yellow) Antonio Milic (51 amarelo, yellow) Dani Escriche (51 amarelo, yellow) Blacksmith (64 amarelo, yellow