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Paco Zas resigns and follows the steps of Tino in Deportivo – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Deportivo's situation continues to worsen. After the terrible sporting results, the The club's board of directors, with Paco Zas at the head, met on Monday to announce his irrevocable resignation.. To this end, the blue and white entity issued a statement defining the week of January 13th as the date hold a new Extraordinary Meeting that he chooses as a substitute. Prior to that, next Tuesday, December 17, will be the club's annual meeting, where the new roadmap will be better known if the president does not attend the media this week.

Paco Zas's passage through the club was ephemeral. He came to the presidency on May 28 after his predecessor Tino Fernández also resigned.. So he has been in charge of the club for just over six months, when he was about to receive promotion, which flew into Mallorca for a single purpose. Month and a half ago, Paco Zas and his council were already on the verge of resignation, but at that moment.

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Like this Paco Zas leaves Deportivo as second and eight point colist behind salvation. But beyond the sporting motives, the enormous tension around the club has been the trigger. In fact, the pressure began on the day of his election, when he was criticized for having the support of Tino Fernández's shareholders.

Now there are two major unknowns. The first to know what decision will be made regarding the continuity of Luis César and Carmelo del Pozo, coach and sports director of the blue and white club. The second is know who will run for president with the sunk staff and over 80 million debts. The candidate who ran for president in the last elections was Fernando Vidal.