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Partner, a separate state at Real Madrid – La Liga 2019-2020 – Football – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


More than 90,000 people have a status as special as members that allows them to influence the life of Real Madrid but also feel closer to their heart club.

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There is always room for improvement, but…

“Partner” status is not Real Madrid’s prerogative. Barca’s rival club, for example, relies on the same system and also belongs to its fans. In France, the association “A la Nantes” has been campaigning for years for FC Nantes to mimite the two giants of Spanish football, to no avain. The residents of En Avant Guingamp, on the other hand, took the step in April 2017, opening the club’s capital to “shareholders”: 15,206 people paid at least 40 euros to become a lifelong “Kalon” (“heart” in Breton).

But it is difficult to match Madrid’s partners in evoking their attachment to the White House. “Football is about values, passion, understanding, community, family, competition, motivation, commitment, diversity, collaboration, growth, failures, and gain, you learn. That’s all this world needs. And no one embodies that spirit better than Real Madrid” for César Hernandez.

All the fans interviewed have chills when talking about some of the emotions that Real Madrid have given them. Javier, a member of the fan group “La Gran Familia”, recalls the “Mijatovic’s goal in Amsterdam“, which helped Real Madrid win their seventh Champions League in 1998, 31 years after their last success in this competition. It’s hard to make them say anything bad about their club when they ask what Real Madrid could do to strengthen the status and weight of members.

There is always room for improvement and it is not easy to satisfy the most demanding fans in the world, but Florentino Pérez (President of Real Madrid) has done a lot to improve relations with the club and its fansSandro Ballester says.I’m glad the club remains the property of its supporters. I’d like it to continue, to keep it in people’s hands. It’s very special and really unique” sums up César Hernandez. Everyone also agrees on one thing: as long as Real Madrid continues to shine and win titles, it will be enough for their happiness. Whether it’s socioeconomic or not.

Partner, a separate state at Real Madrid - La Liga 2019-2020 - Football - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1