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Penalty shoot-outs give Leganés pass against Andorra – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Penalty shoot-outs give Leganés pass against Andorra


Leganés eliminated Andorra in the first round of the Copa del Rey, but did not do so without effort. Despite the difference in category, the locals went ahead on the scoreboard and competed well until the end. In overtime, they managed to win. But on penalties they failed and the tie fell on Madrid's side.

The first part, on the scoreboard and on the grass, was spotty. It took a little longer for Leganés to gain control of the game, and at 10 minutes he constantly harassed Andorra. Arnáiz (who threw the crossbar) was the most active of visitors: he ensured the highest quality to win individual duels. Sabin Merino and Carrillo also headed the door, though always unsuccessfully, despite having some clear action. And Andorra, with a defense of
three, shyly left his field almost always looking for attackers. But in one where Moha Keita received the foot, broke the equality on the scoreboard: after getting rid of two rivals sent the ball to the team. A full goal that spurred Andorra, who dared to play a little more on the opposite side, Arnáiz, the best visitor of the first half, can tie with a great kick at 31. Bañuz avoided.

In the second half, the category difference was more visible. Not only because of Andorra's inaccuracies, more and more, but also because of physical preparation. After the goal by Leganés, Carrillo de Aguirre's work took over the game completely, enjoying long belongings trying to avoid overtime. Andorra, no longer as active as it was in the first half, was trying to do just the opposite: save your precious loot and trust everything
extension or sanctions. The locals succeeded in their plan, not without suffering, and the 90 minutes ended in a draw.

Although the best opportunities of the match were LeganésThe first of the extension was a hard shot from Andorra. Also Iker's second, which came out loud. And they didn't stay there. Casadesús missed a very clear shot and Moussa almost scored 1-2 at five
minutes to complete the extension.

But the game was decided on penalties, the Leganes were more successful. After 16 shots, they won the victory.


Oriol Dot (55 & Jilmar), Federico Varela (61 & # 39; Sabin Merino), Raul Feher (75 ’, Ruben Bover on the left), Javier Aviles (102 & Arnáiz), Daniel Plomer (105 Vas, Vasyl Kravets), Martos (105 & Gaffoor), Lever (113 & # 39 ;, Riverola), Aymane Mourid (113 & # 39; Eraso)


1-0, 24 & # 39 :: Mouhamadou Keita, 1-1, 62 & # 39 ;: Guido Carrillo


Moussa Sidibé (29 amarelo, yellow) Chidozie Awaziem (45 amarelo, yellow) Cristian Rivera (98 amarelo, yellow