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Pepe Mel: "It's wonderful to have a soccer player like Viera" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Face tomorrow Las Palmas is the penultimate game of the year at the Gran Canaria stadium. His rival, Numancia "It's a sober team that plays well in space but also has a combinatory game", as defined by Pepe Mel, Gran Canaria lineup coach. Although victory may leave UD in the playoffs, Mel prefers the break. “We need to set real goals,” he insisted before adding, “Getting into the playoff is pretty, but in December it gives me nothing. I wouldn't mind winning the remaining three games and not getting into the playoff. The important thing is to beat Numancia. "

Faced with the duel with Soriano's team, he most likely confirmed Alvaro Lemos and Araujo, although they are already training with the rest of the team. “They only did two exercises with the group. Then we play a game during the week and then we have to use it ”, Mel confessed. With Mantovani and Aythami injured, and considering the next game load, he also doesn't offer much doubt for tomorrow: “Deivid and Mauricio Lemos form a couple is solvent. But Álex (Suárez) and Eric (Curbleo) too. Soon we have three games in 6 days and we have to use the whole cast. "

Confidence "We don't have to," said Mel when he was asked about a possible overconfidence his players might have after two consecutive wins. “All teams in this category can beat anyone. We were so much better than Oviedo and we won the next two games, ” he emphasized.

The yellow coach also referred to the situation of Jonathan Viera, whose assignment agreement expires on December 31. “I value everything he does from Monday to Sunday. It's a good example for the rest. I was surprised at the professional and the human, ” Mel stood out, exalting Viera's own desire: “He's a contributing player, he always wants to be. It's wonderful to have such a football player. It was not overrated what it is to have it in Las Palmas. He wants to stay, but unfortunately, he doesn't have the last word. It has to be until December 22nd (last weekend of the year), and we'll get all the juice we can. "

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Benito: "We are waiting for the preseason player when he had a magnificent physical level. He wants the ball in space, and it hurts the opponent a lot. This gives us an advantage. Against Extremadura, in the first play, he was alone in front of the goalkeeper. "

Goalkeeper: “There is no debate. Don't be surprised when Josep returns to play, a great goalkeeper who has had many girlfriends in the summer. Very Josep as Valles gives us a lot of peace of mind, and the steps in front of Raúl Fernández are great news. "

Coach renewal: "Still It is December. Every time they ask me about it, we "palm". If you feel comfortable and valued, you are not looking for other horizons. I am very pleased with Las Palmas Sports Union. I want to make this team grow, something that is wonderful for so many young people. "