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Philip, the new Godin of Cholo – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Philip, the new Godin of Cholo - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Atletico certified their advance to the eighth round and regained the goal they had so much needed in the last few games. The game was already growing since the last international stop, but the culmination was missing. The first came from Joao Félix on a penalty, to the second after Trippier had bumped into Kochenkov and the wood on the first launch from the eleven metres of the mattress team. The sentence was put by Philip with a high-level volley where his foreshortening was adorned by the acrobatics of the celebration.

The Brazilian debuted as a red-white goalscorer and added one more facet to his very high performance, a level that makes it probably the most effective signing from the start of the course. And that was hard for him to get into the team and save a minute played in Butarque on the second day, he had to wait for the sixth game of the course to be a starter. It was against Celta and from that first day he made clear the type of player he is.

A plant that makes its 30 years of use experience, strength, security, veterancy, hierarchy and a lot of know-how, to which adds a spectacular aerial game and a clean ball exit, where starting by not risking, knows when to look for passes down. Head long, he scored on that first day against Celta in a goal that has been battling in the Champions League. From that match to the Vigues, Simeone began to include Philip in his schemes rotating the Brazilian with Savic and Giménez.

12 consecutive games

But the injuries of Montenegrin and Uruguayan opened the doors of the eleventh completely and now they’ll have a hard time being able to take away his ownership. Felipe has completed the last 12 matches of Atletico, 1,080 minutes in a row forming the vast majority of them couple with Beautiful, where they have managed to complement themselves perfectly with the Spaniard in the left profile, in charge of the exit of the ball with diagonals and shipments in length and Felipe providing the greatest force and strength behind, very attentive when making the coverages.

Philip so far has been rid of physical problems and has maintained a secure defense despite the casualties of Simeone’s two veteran power stations. This ability to avoid injury is one of the great qualities of the Brazilian, which led him to dispute 138 games in three seasons at Porto without ever missing from injury.

With Philip, Simeone has found his perfect replacement for Godin, although any comparison with Uruguayan are major words. The captain left as one of the most decisive players in the club’s history, goal for the League title at the Camp Nou and in the Lisbon Champions League final through the way. But if comparing yourself to Godin is mission impossible, Felipe has fulfilled the role with which he reached the team in the summer for the 20 million invested by Atletico, figure that so far seems completely depreciable.

Convened by Brazil in the last lists, Felipe is the complement that brings forcefulness, veteranituence and much know to be to a center of the lag where now Giménez returns, the other player called to lead the team from behind and Savic is expected. Hermoso has also surrendered to a high level during the injuries of his two companions, but at 24 he is still in a learning process and has a more cheerful game than Philip’s.

A centerstation that has adapted as a glove to Simeone and Atletico and who, despite not taking covers, is one of the players with higher performance on course. If he adds a goal to his level, he will seem cheap the 20 million invested for its services he has already dispelled the few doubts he generated in his signing by joining the team at the age of 30.