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Philippe Coutinho finally shows what he has done at the gala against Bremen – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Philippe Coutinho finally shows what he has done at the gala against Bremen

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Philippe Coutinho shows his best performance for Bayern in 6: 1 against Werder Bremen, but does not want to comment on his future beyond the season afterwards. The Brazilian has already convinced his teammates of their skills.

His gala was only a few minutes old when Philippe Coutinho left his teammates alone and set his own priorities: along with his four-year-old daughter Maria, kicked the Brazilian on the grass in the Allianz Arena before bringing the child back to his mother and getting away from him Thiago got the ball stabbed as a souvenir.

The 27-year-old had earned it thanks to his outstanding performance in the canter victory over ultimately helpless Werder people: Coutinho scored three goals himself and prepared two more. The crowds were similarly large when he was the last professional from FCB to appear in front of the waiting journalists almost exactly an hour later with the ball under his arm.

"I always try to do my best. Sometimes it doesn't work, other times it works – like today. We have to keep going and get the points in the last two games to keep fighting for first place," Coutinho said in English .

When asked if he was happy, he became a little more specific. "If my family is happy, I'm happy too," he said, referring to the scenes after the final plea: "I saw my daughter today, she was happy."

Coutinho on the future in Bavaria: "Not the time yet"

As a kiss with the fence post for an off-season commitment, the € 8.5 million loan from FC Barcelona did not want to understand those statements. "I don't know what's going to happen. I've been here for a year, and it depends on many things, such as what Bavaria wants. We decide together. But now is not the time," he said.

The Bundesliga record transfer fee of 120 million euros would cost Bavaria if he took advantage of the opportunity to buy from Coutinho. And until recently, the midfielder had made little publicity on his own behalf and even been labeled as a mistake by some experts.

Accordingly, after poor performance in the final phase under Niko Kovac, successor Hansi Flick had put him on the substitute bench and watched the match 90 minutes at 1: 2 in Mönchengladbach a week ago. Then Coutinho prevailed 3-1 during the week, not only because of his goal against Tottenham Hotspur – and on Saturday he showed his best performance by far for Bayern against Bremen.

For the first time since moving to Europe, he had five goals: Since the detailed Bundesliga data collection in 2004/05, only one Brazilian had succeeded with Roberto Firmino at that time (2013).

Coutinho's appearance was crowned with the stunning 3-1 lupter after a 30 meter dream pass by David Alaba and his beautiful shot from the left corner of the penalty area to the final score. Schlenzer from the left is a trademark of the man with the number 10 on his back, similar to his predecessor at Bayern with 10, Arjen Robben, with his legendary trick from the other side of the field.

Neuer: Coutinho's second goal "exactly as discussed"

"I can't do anything for the third goal, he did it alone," Manuel Neuer said, but complained to Coutinho immediately after finally whistling about his part in the second goal. "I talked to David and Phillippe at half time that the wind was a little against the south curve and that they should try it with the chip. The plan worked, the goal was just the way we discussed it," said the manager's captain. "I think he's doing well in Bavaria. And you can see how he can play football. I don't have to say anything about that."

Others did it anyway. "You can see what's in him. It was really excellent today, and that's exactly what we expect. Of course I'm very happy for him that the knot has broken," said sporting manager Hasan Salihamidzic, but gave way to the question of a possible further bet out.

The preparer Alaba was far less reserved. "If you look at the game today, we have to get it, right? It was world-class," said the Austrian. At the beginning of the season, Coutinho "took some time and got time. I think that's normal. But now you can see how he feels more and more comfortable from game to game. That's why I wasn't surprised by the performance."

Robert Lewandowski was equally clear. "We need a player like that. I'm very pleased that today he showed how good he is and how great his potential is," said the two-goal scorer. "If you score three goals, we don't have to talk about signals. What he does in the game is a definite thing."