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Pie PSG – PSG: Captain Neymar? He almost asked for the scandal – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Pie PSG - PSG: Captain Neymar? He almost asked for the scandal - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Neymar said this week that it would be an honor to captain psg, even though he believes Thiago Silva wears the bracelet with talent in Paris. But the idea of seeing the former Barca player take on this role is not just a happy one.

What if Thomas Tuchel decided to hand over his team keys to Neymar by making his Brazilian star the new captain of Paris Saint-Germain to make the former FC Barcelona player even more responsible? Just a few weeks ago, this idea would have caused fans of the capital club to howl, most of whom would not have been outraged that Neymar was sold to Barca during the recent market, as they had been shocked by the attitude of the Front. And after comments by the Brazilian player at France-Foot, who mentioned the possibility of becoming a PSG captain, voices were raised to say that this could be a colossal idea.

This solution suggested to Thomas Tuchel is not for the taste of Nabil Djellit who for his part sees no serious reason to entrust the bracelet to Neymar, quite the opposite. « A real PSG captain is Marquinhos. The only thing Neymar could get involved in, and it would be good for Paris Saint-Germain, is that he doesn’t get injured in the second half of the season. No carnival, not your sister’s birthday. He’s going to win games for PSG, that’s for sure. His role is on the ground. In the future, Marquinhos or even Mbappé give more than one standard idea for Paris SG. It wouldn’t be in any way to give Neymar the bracelet, explains, about C-Afrique, the journalist, who would be surprised if the German coach of the Parisian club re-enced on this subject. In addition, we have doubts about your wishes in Paris. Three months ago, he wanted to leave. So you don’t have the legitimacy to be captain of Paris Saint-Germain. Especially since there aren’t many players who are willing to pay to leave PSG like Neymar did. »