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PIE PSG – PSG: Pierre Menés calls The Mbappé reaction ‘null’ – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PIE PSG - PSG: Pierre Menés calls The Mbappé reaction 'null' - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Kylian Mbappé and Thomas Tuchel had a heated explanation when the player was substituted during the PSG-MHSC match. For Pierre Menés, the player has done too much.

The night was good for Paris Saint-Germain against Montpellier, PSG easily sweeping a Herault team that had shown off their muscles verbally throughout the week. But it’s a sequence of just one minute that’s already making a lot of noise in France and even in Spain. Forced to give in to Mauro Icardi when we reached 70 minutes of play, Kylian Mbappé did not like Thomas Tuchel at all. And instead of waiting until he was in the dressing room to explain himself to the PSG coach, the French striker did so as he left the pitch, under the eyes of spectators and spectators. Although they quickly chose to hide their mouths, the tone was not a joke between the two men, Thomas Tuchel taking his player by the shoulders to continue the dialogue. Very dissatisfied, Kylian Mbappé rejected his jacket with a hand gesture, before setting the very dark mine in the Box of the Parc des Princes reserved for substitutes.

Witness like everyone else in this rather surreal scene, Pierre Menés did not hesitate to say what he thought of Kylian Mbappé’s attitude. « Nice victory of an applied and constant PSG. Mbappe’s zero reaction to his departure “he threw, via Twitter, at the Canal consultant, which does not grant any mitigating circumstances to French world champion Paris Saint-Germain. We’re certainly not done talking about this pretty explosive sequence.