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Police fear barricades to seal Camp Nou in Madrid – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Police fear barricades to seal Camp Nou in Madrid

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The Separatists of the Democratic Tsunami & # 39; intend to seal Camp Nou to prevent the Real Madrid bus from arriving at the Classic. For this, they summoned the radicals at four strategic points, with the aim of setting up barricades and blocking the Classic. Faced with the threat, IMossos d 'Squad will be reinforced by riot police and the Civil Guard. Three safety rings will be mounted to try to prevent the blockage while filtering out the 90,000 people watching the game. High tech and advanced drones will be used to document potential incidents and thus claim criminal liability, if any.

Once inside the stadium, the goal of the police will be to prevent the independents from consuming the camp invasion, the second threat found. The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), which is aware of the radical Machiavellian plan, will today call for extraordinary measures to ensure public order within the Camp Nou, as security contests are exclusive to the forces on the streets of Barcelona. public. Two members of the RFEF itself, a national expoliation contracted by the agency, will travel to Barcelona to record possible incidents within the stadium, if necessary for subsequent intervention by the Competition Committee.

To block access to Camp Nou, The "Democratic Tsunami" has surrounded Camp Nou with concentrations on Juan 23 Avenue, at the height of the Masia, Aristides Maillol (home of the Mini Stadium), Travessera de les Corts and Elisabeth Eidenbenz Street. Real Madrid, which will be in a hotel just five hundred meters from the stadium, has demanded that its security be assured in the face of suspicion that the radicals would also try to occupy El Prat Airport, where it will arrive on Wednesday, September 18 with the certainty. that one of the goals of independence will be to prevent your bus from reaching the stadium.

However, Barcelona has secured "peaceful freedom of expression" within the stadium, in a statement by its vice president, Jordi Cardoner. Taking advantage of this, the & # 39; Tsunami Democràtic & # 39; launched a ordago and asked the club to look both on the lawn and in the stands to look like banners claiming independence. “It is very easy for the party to develop normally: ensuring that the presence of [lema] #SpainSitAndTalk in the stands and in the field. This is the proposal we made to the Barcelona Football Club », they said in their Twitter account. The slogan they claim was used by Pep Guardiola in the video that the Manchester City coach released after the sentence against those arrested for sedition.