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Pomares: They’re being days – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The first round closes in Santo Domingo with a Madrid derby. Best impossible finish for the amateur. Alcorcón and Fuenlabrada face each other for the first time in Segunda División. The potters don’t arrive at their best. Just two points from the last 12 possible, eliminated in the Cup by a Third and with a goalscoring crisis. Carlos Pomares, a player of AD Alcorcón, attended the Diario As exclusively “Lo de Copa del Rey was a stick to the truth. We had many occasions, we dominated the match… They had two occasions and they marked one and then came the expulsion at the time… It all went uphill.” For Pomares I’ll make it upr “The week has three encounters and you have to change your head quickly to think about Fuenlabrada. So it’s true that they’re being anointed days, but we have to face this game and add three points.”

Shield/Flag Alcorcón

The goal thing was another matter we dealt with with Pomares. Three goals in seven games are poor numbers “The goal is whimsical. The ball sometimes doesn’t want to go in. We don’t want to obsess. It’s everybody’s job in the end. The ones upstairs seem to have more responsibility for the goal, but it’s everyone’s job. We can all help them and add to face this absence of goals. First of all, we are a team.”

Shield/Fuenlabrada Flag

There arrives a Fuenlabrada that occupies the fourth place with points and after tying with the Almería. Pomares recognizes the great work of the team “They play almost by heart and their coach is a football scholar and a very demanding mister. They play good football and they’re doing a great year. It’s going to be very difficult.” For the potter’s side the keys pass through “the areas. They are blunt, for example, in both offensive and defensive strategy plays. They are very practical and will leave us few cracks to take advantage of them. They’re making little mistakes, and we have to make a mistake for them.