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Porto Alegre Inter comes to Musto – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Damián Musto could exchange Huesca for Porto Alegre if the Spanish club accepts the offer offered by Internacional to the Argentine midfielder. The great defender of the hiring would be Eduardo Coudet, future coach of the Brazilian team, that already directed Musto in Rosario Central. The South American team is preparing a powerful team to qualify for the Libertadores Cup and the club average seems to be within their plans.

However, Huesca will not let him out for free as he wants to recover part of the million euros he paid for the player transfer to Tijuana from the Mexican league. The player is currently training under Míchel's orders, but He is punished for employment and salary until he completes his doping penalty on January 5.. In the coach's plans, it is necessary to have the middle of the second round, but its possible transfer would cause extra movements in the next winter market.

Huesca Shield / Flag

Míchel has only one steering wheel, Pedro Mosquera, and the Catalans need to sign effectively to strengthen this position, since the next day will not be able to count on the Galician half to accumulate yellow cards and currently have no substitute. If Musto's departure finally materializes, the Oscanse club would reinforce the portion of the field to which Cheick Doukouré has not yet been added., who still recovers from an injury and successive relapses in the left knee. Some moves that will start to occur within three weeks when the winter hiring window opens.

Seoane or Rico will be Mosquera's replacement

Huesca completed on Tuesday the first of four sessions with which he will prepare the game next Saturday in Miranda de Ebro. The coach will have the significant loss of Mosquera in Anduva and doubt between Seoane or postpone the position of Mikel Rico. The Real Madrid team is not a pure defensive medium, but it is the closest thing the coach has to his team. The Madrid player has only played 36 minutes in four games and has not played in the last ten games.