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Premier: Kepa’s replacement creates a problem for Luis Enrique – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Premier: Kepa's replacement creates a problem for Luis Enrique - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Luis Enrique See Restless how it’s complicates him the picture less than six months from Spain debut at the European Cup. The only ones three goalkeepers have been convened throughout the qualifying phase, Kepa, De Gea and Pau López, they go through Difficulties in their respective teams. There is particular concern with the incumbent in the last leg, Kepa Arrizabalaga, which has been relegated to the bench in the Chelsea.

Lampard coach of the Blues threatens to prolong ingess Arrizabalaga. Their tough statements basque goalkeeper sachet that the situation can drag on. “Kepa is honest and knows that he has made mistakes that have cost us goals. You’ll have to get used to the criticism“. ” With his feet he was very slow on a couple of occasions. He almost gives it to the opponent. It’s something he’ll know and we have to check.”

The following has been sit him on the bench. Last Saturday against Leicester, Kepa(25) was Alternate by technical decision for the first time since it reached the Premier. He took up his place Willy Caballero (38). All ill-eolledly supported by Lampard in statistics. Of all the Premier League goalkeepers who have played more than ten games with their teams, Kepa is the one who offers the worst percentage of stops: 55.56%.

The picture is not much better for De Gea, although it hasn’t gotten any worse in the last few weeks. De Gea, whom Kepa stuck the sorpasso in the Selection at the stage of Robert Moreno, he’s doing a season so gray like his team’s, Manchester United. His ruling in the match against the Watford was much talked about in England and his coach, Solskjaer, doubted of him. But without reaching Lampard’s level of distrust with Kepa.

De Gea, to whom I take years beat resistance Boxes, was finally the headline of Spain in the French Cup in 2016. That change ended with the friendship between Eker Casillas and Del Bosque, who made the decision. The Toledan Goal kept the post up to the last June, when Kepa appeared in the Bernabéu as a starter Sweden, in the decisive match of the Euro qualifiers. Robert Moreno said then that the change in goal had been analyzed, discussed and approved by Luis Enrique, with whom by then it was no longer talked about even though their divorce was not yet public.

The another doorman called by Spain in the qualifying phase is Pau Lopez. The former of Betis and Espanyol had a good start in Serie A, But failed in the derby against Lazio and they don’t easily forget that in Rome. Since that match it has given symptoms of Nervousness and, without being as questioned as Kepa and De Gea, Either you can say that be comfortable.

Spain will return to activity at the end of March, in the friendly against Germany and the Netherlands, 26 and 29 next month. It will be the last chance by Luis Enrique for get out of doubt before giving the list of the 23 of the Euros. Therefore, Kepa, De Gea and Pau still have eight weeks to reverse the situation. That or risk that Luis Enrique search emergency solutions. Only three alternatives appear on the horizon: Unai Simon (22 years), Aitor (28) and Queen (37). It’s not time for changes, except for force majeure substitutions.