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Premier League “News” Boxing Day: What the holiday football is like – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


In England, boxing day kicks off

In Europe, Boxing Day of the English Premier League is in the mouth. High-class football on the 2nd Christmas Day many fans to the feast of love in the or stadiums in front of the TV. But how did this tradition actually come about? world football Hats the answer.

Christmas is full of gifts. Be it the presence of loved ones, the package under the braised tree – or just a whole match day of the Premier League. In the motherland of football, the transgaming.orging Boxing Day is simply a celebration of love.

The appeal of tradition dates back to 156 years. The two most famous football clubs in the world, FC Sheffield and FC Hallam, played their first derby on 26 December 1860. Before the Christmas football, the Football League was also founded in 1888, and Everton started a test attempt. The Toffees played three games in 1888. Everything for the show match against Ulster came a whopping 2000 spectators – a lot of the former start.

Pilgrimage in the stadiums

Fueball at Christmas was well received by the bevelkerung and was henceforth included in the game plan. The league gifted the fans top-class transgaming.orgs on the holidays – back then on Christmas Day, also on December 25. In addition to the fans, there were also spectators, who otherwise had little to do with football on their hats, in the stadiums.

The English “Guardian” described the new folklore as “part of the national character – this drief-ugous, solemn walk, the essence of a wandering, fr-snitting people who made wet, unproductive pilgrimages.”

In fact, the comparison with pilgrimages is not far away. Because the cult around the Christmas fu-ball reached its senh-hepunkt in 1949. Nearly millions of spectators are said to have attended the football league’s three rounds of matches over just four days – including singing Christmas carols and Christmas dinners on the tribons.

Der Boxing Day

But gradually, the people in charge sped off the lavish football program on the holidays. In 1965, the last game was on a Christmas Day, the first Christmas Day, – Blackpool beat Blackburn 4-2.

Since then, the English leagues have only given their fans a present on the second Christmas Day, soann Boxing Day. The preserved name from the old tradition that the rich Britons always gifted their servants or otherwise those on that day with a “Christmas Box”, a small package. The tradition is still there: to this day, the league is gifting the football-leaguewith the world’s sour game.

The legend re record

The biggest Boxing Day – at least the neutral spectators and fans of the winning teams – experienced probably already in 1963. At the time, he scored an incredible 66 goals in 10 First League games. Fulham have the biggest share with their 10-1 win over Ipswich Town. Graham Leggat has the fastest hat-trick in league history. Three goals in just four minutes – a Christmas miracle!

But on Boxing Day of now-ending year, that record is unlikely to fall. Only eight Premier League games are scheduled. But who knows? Perhaps Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and co. will once again snare large goal packages to give the fans plenty of presents at Christmas.

Florian Petz