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Premier League ‘news’ Klopp makes laughs with half-knowledge ‘about Mourinho – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Jurgen Klopp has praised his coaching colleague José Mourinho ahead of his Liverpool side’s duel with Tottenham Hotspurs.

He is a “world-class manager with a special mentality,” the German football teacher told a press conference. “I’m supposed to say: He wants to win with everything, he was. I respect that very much.”

It is tough against a Mourinho team, says Klopp. They have clues, but they don’t know 100 per cent how Tottenham will play. “But that’s what we’re doing, we want to be unpredictable (…), we’re measuring things they can’t prepare for.”

The previously unbeaten Liverpool side are 13 points along in the table and face sixth-placed Hotspurs on Saturday, which Mourinho has ‘won’ after the start of the season in November.

Klopp, in his first press conference as Liverpool coach in 2015, referred to himself as “The Normal One” in reference to a Mourinho quote in which the Portuguese once said no.

Asked if he was better than normal, Klopp said on Friday: “Normal is perfectly okay. (…) There’s nothing special about me, unfortunately.’

Klopp confuses Mourinho with a father

With an over-surprise laugh in his fu-ball-care Klopp then still f’r laugh. The 52-year-old r-tss ‘tss’ about the fredier position of his team-mate Jose Mourinho as a midfielder.

Asked if he was the better fu-baller than the Spurs coach, Klopp replied: “No idea, I don’t know.” Then he asked, “Is anyone, in what position does José play? I think he was a goalkeeper.”

After a brief interplay with the unsuspecting reporters, Klopp said: “I want to know now. Let’s go, google that. We have time. I have time.” When the “midfielder” response came, Klopp laughed embarrassedly and said to the cameras: “Sorry, José!”

It was his father Felix, who died in 2017, who stood between the posts at Vitéria Set-bal and Belenenses and even played a lunder game for Portugal. His son was less successful as a professional and decided to pursue a coaching career in his mid-20s.

Klopp, who started as a Sturker and landed in the defence via the midfield, made it to a proud 340 mandatory games (56 goals) fer the second division FSV Mainz 05.