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by: Adam Smith


FC Barcelona's Antoine Griezmann is looking forward to his first Clásico against Real Madrid

Clásico between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid on Wednesday casts its shadow. World champion Antoine Griezmann has been new since this season.

Before the top match between the series leaders and the worst pursuer, the tip spoke in an exclusive interview with our media partner LaLiga about his first months at Barca and the explosive matches against Real.

Mr. Griezmann, you've been in the Spanish league for ten years now. How do you look back on that time?

Antoine Griezmann: I have learned so many new things in recent years. I tried to integrate myself into the teams as much as possible and I am very happy to have reached this point. I really like that. I hope now that I can continue to improve and deliver more goals and assists.

What does the change to FC Barcelona mean to you?

I'm very happy and proud, that's my dad. I want to make a name for myself here and write history. I want to work hard to become a great player in this club.

How were the first months at Barca?

Well, I adapt and try to understand the tactics and the game as quickly as possible. Before that, I played a different type of football. But I feel good, in my feet and in my head, and I want to work, learn and improve.

What is it like to play with Lionel Messi?

I see him every day. I try to watch his movements and then run free when he has the ball. We are talking about Lionel Messi, the best in the world, and it is a pleasure to play with him.

And how do you see your colleague Luis Suárez?

He's just dangerous and doesn't need many chances. He is currently very confident. Every time he locks, it gets dangerous or hits. We need to help each other create good opportunities.

You scored two goals in your debut at Camp Nou. How was that feeling?

Very relaxed. I tried not to put pressure on myself. Everything is very different here, because we do not meet the team before the match. I am in my house all day and therefore have to create new processes. When I played for Atlético Madrid or Real Sociedad, I used to go to the hotel. But I'm fine with that. I was lucky enough to score two goals. But that is not the most important thing, but to help my colleagues in the best possible way.

What does Clásico mean between Barca and Real Madrid for you?

It is the most important game of the year and a spectacle. There's a lot of discussion about the game on TV beforehand, so far I've always seen it on TV. We will do everything we can to be 100 percent there and win the game.

How can you imagine the game at Camp Nou?

The atmosphere is great, the excitement is high. The fans will be there from the first minute. And it's a game you definitely want to play.

Is a game against Real Madrid especially for you?

No, not really. Finally, Real is an opponent that we play for first place with. At Atlético the game was important for the fans, it's a derby. And here it is Clásico. Both teams are always keen to play Real.

How can Barca win the game?

We play at home and have to play offensively, hold the ball and follow the coach's tactics.

Are there certain keys to winning against a team like Real Madrid?

No, I think it's more about ourselves. On our game and how we can attack, defend and beat them.

With Atlético you have already scored against Real Madrid. How does it feel

You feel great joy and pride when you meet in such games. But I'm not someone who just thinks about goals. I want to do the best for my team. If I score a goal, so much better. But I'm not going to shoot the target all the time just to score.

What do you personally want? What should jump out this season?

I want to improve compared to last year. Play more, score more goals, and live more templates. I want to get defensive and offensive. A bit of everything.