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Primera Division” News” Kroos ‘about his slit ear gate: War ‘spontaneously wanted’ – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


It was a goal that went around the world, and certainly is already a hot candidate for goal of the year: Toni Kroos scored in the Spanish Super Cup semi-final in the 16th minute with a directly converted corner ball. The world champion said in an interview how this happened.

In the spoof with “Sport1” the standard specialist said: “Spontaneously it was already, but spontaneously wanted.” On the way to the corner flag, he noticed that Valencia’s goalkeeper Jaume had spoken to one of his defenders.

“When I laid the ball down, they were still at the ore. Then you have to be very fast. The shot was a couple of shots,” the 30-year-old continued.

In the Champions League game against Paris Saint-Germain he had such an art shot before, but ex-Madrilene Keylor Navas thwarted it.

But he wasn’t trained, “actually it’s the same shot as a free-kick or a flank.” That it has is “certainly very unusual. But the shot is not the all.”

However, Luka Jovic has had a hard time since his arrival in the summer. The former Frankfurter is usually only a reservist and only completed one game over the full distance. On Wednesday, however, the Serb made it 3-0 shortly after his substitution.

Kroos has a hard time with his team-mate: “It’s not easy to just play a game every three or four weeks and to change one.” It is also important to remember that Jovic is still very young.

Nevertheless, the native Greifswalder is created by the Kunnnen des St’rmer and said: “I think he brings the net-like quality to reach here.”