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ProLiga requests to be represented in the Federation – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


the Fourth Congress and Assembly of ProLiga, con the participation of almost 200 representatives of clubs of Second B and Third Division, in what can be considered the greatest success of calling this Association. The assemblymembers unanimously approved next season’s budgets and action projects for 2020, as well as the statutory amendments, which recorded a single, solitary vote against it.


Act. 1:23 p.m.


Ramon Fuentes

In the course of the Congress, the president of ProLiga, David Jiménez, outlined the achievements achieved during the year 2019, as well as the legal matters in which this Association has defended the rights and interests of its clubs, always covered by the current regulations. The negotiation of a Second B convention, participation in the Institutions, and the necessary representativeness in the Spanish Federation were the main issues addressed by the president. “ProLiga must be part of the structures of the RFEF for being patronal and representing the majority of Second B and Third clubs. We are here to contribute ideas and not to go to war with anyone”.

The president advanced great news for the club economy. ProLiga negotiates with a financial fund so that it can cover in advance the subsidies or grants that the Spanish Federation must provide by law to the clubs, such as the Social Security fees or the percentage of the distribution of the Royal Decree. Thus, clubs will not have to experience financial hardship during the season until they receive these federative amounts.

With regard to Impulse 23, the RFEF aid plan for these categories, David Jimenez said: “We are happy for the proposal, but it is loaded with improvisations because they do not know how these categories work. They’re making mistakes and that’s what ProLiga is for, denouncing them to be corrected.

On the pressing theme of the Spanish Federation’s Impulse 23 program to give more money to the Second B and Third, Javier Tebas, president of the League who spoke in a recorded interview, said that “it is not only an economic problem that of the Second B and Third, but also structural and training. This is not arranged by giving ten thousand euros more to each club. Non-professional football requires a lot of improvements in training and is not investing the proper time in the federative field. I would, for starters, form a large expert table to carry out a restructuring of the Second B. Exploiting this category right now is impossible;.

The President of LaLiga also referred to the economic control being imposed by the RFEF in both categories: “Establishing economic control is not improvised. It’s done first with a root query to all football. He had to work with the clubs before he set the rules. But most serious of all, economic control wants to be imposed by those who do not believe in clubs, which are essential in growth. LaLiga invested many resources in club formation before demanding economic control.

In conclusion, Javier Tebas gave a reflection on the Format of Cup, in which non-professional teams have participated: “In transgaming.orgs, we will need a couple of years to know whether or not it is a success. It has glamour to imagine that a small one eliminates a large… But as an exploitation of the audiovisual rights of this competition, it has been a ruin. From LaLiga we would have made more money. Of course, for that the Federation has gone to Arabia with the Super Cup, to look for the money that it now has to give to non-professional & rdquor clubs;