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PSG Foot – PSG: a billion-dollar budget? A solution that will make you cough – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PSG Foot - PSG: a billion-dollar budget? A solution that will make you cough - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

By offering Neymar and Then Kylian Mbappé in the summer of 2017, Paris Saint-Germain has attracted the wrath of UEFA and its now famous financial fair.

Certainly, the capital club can no longer do anything in the transfer market, or risk being slapped on the fingers by the European body. Fortunately, Paris Saint-Germain has a firepower, thanks to its numerous sponsorship contracts in particular. And this could increase in the coming weeks, as the reigning French champion seriously considers signing a naming agreement for the Parc des Princes. A possibility that does not excite fans, but could quickly become indispensable to UEFA according to economist Vincent Chaudel, an expert in transgaming.orgs marketing.

“Paris Saint-Germain must continue its commercial growth. First to meet the requirements of Financial Fair Play. The club must find new sponsors to further reduce the share represented by Qatari members in their business income. And the signing of a nomenclature agreement fits well with the international vision that QSI has been trying to inspire since taking over PSG. Paris Saint-Germain is now engaged in an intense race to increase sales of the main formations of the Old Continent. Today, PSG’s real competitors are no longer OM or OL, but Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern, Manchester United, Manchester City… And some of them – including Real Madrid and FC Barcelona – will soon surpass the 1 billion euro mark in sales.” commented Vincent Chaudel, interviewed by Ecofoot. Therefore, PSG could be forced to change the name of its historic Parc des Princes to increase its revenue over and over again…