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PSG Foot – PSG: Ben Arfa plans to make Paris pay, but it’s not about money – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PSG Foot - PSG: Ben Arfa plans to make Paris pay, but it's not about money - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

The failed love story between Hatem Ben Arfa and Paris Saint-Germain is not yet over, as the French striker left the club in 2018.

In fact, both sides are still fighting in court. On Monday, the HBA lost a first battle against its former club. Since the 32-year-old striker has been turned down by the Paris pruning council, while he is demanding more than seven million euros from PSG. What’s the reason? Simply because it had been closed in Paris from April 2017 to June 2018. But in the end, HBA has not yet succeeded. What Master Jean-Jacques Bertrand regrets.

“It seems to me that the verdict is completely unsatisfactory. In the ethics bonus first, I don’t know why the advice of prudes does not grant the refund. And then there’s the problem of locking Hatem up. And again, I don’t know how the court handled the matter, but I do know that it didn’t consider it a sideline, which I think is very surprising. I tried in vain to show that the exclusion of the player was not due to transgaming.orging reasons, but to reasons outside the transgaming.orgs field and therefore unjustified. Hatem Ben Arfa was the victim of a form of moral harassment. For a football player, training every day and thinking that no matter how hard it is, he has no chance of being able to join the team, it is not easy to live. Its motivation is not absolutely financial, it is a matter of principle that must be quantified. Leaving yourself out of any team composition for 15 months is still pretty strong! PSG is common because, not only against football players, but also against other employees”At So Foot, he confessed, Ben Arfa’s lawyer, who announced that he had appealed the decision. From now on, it will be for the Court of Appeal to consider this case as a matter of money between the PSG and the HBA.