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PSG Foot – PSG: Criticism falls, France doesn’t understand Icardi – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PSG Foot - PSG: Criticism falls, France doesn't understand Icardi - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Mauro Icardi was single-headed against Monaco. But does the Striker of Paris really deserve these criticisms?

Finally, Mauro Icardi may not be so “fantastic.” At least that’s the analysis of some observers in the last few days. Because in two consecutive matches against the Monegasques, the striker from Paris Saint-Germain has not scored. And because the Argentine plays very few balls in a match, the qualifier of his performance falls without a goal scored and the critics appear. This deal is totally unfair according to journalist Grégory Schneider, convinced that the comments would be different abroad.

« I think we’re very tough on Mauro Icardi because in France, we have a somewhat repressive and austere view of footballsaid our colleague on the L’Equipe channel. Icardi, has scored 9 goals in 13 ligue 1 games. I had to work to get to those numbers, didn’t I? Offensive work is a job that cannot be taken away from him. In France, we have a bad view of things considering that work is only defensive replacement, etc. But that’s not how it works. »

The Mbappé test

« And besides, I think Mauro Icardi highly values the players around him.Added. There is a real connection to Mbappé, for example. Don’t worry, Mbappé, he’s not losing the North. If the guy next to you wasn’t useful to your personal stats, you’d know. Icardi values its partners, scores, is offensive and pleasure. The other problem for the striker on loan from Inter Milan is that he is competing with Edinson Cavani, who is very popular in the world of French football.