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PSG Foot – PSG: Tuchel accused of taking a crazy risk in Paris – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PSG Foot - PSG: Tuchel accused of taking a crazy risk in Paris - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Unscathed by this season’s injuries, Paris Saint-Germain are trying to stop the bleeding. But a decision by coach Thomas Tuchel could put the group in jeopardy.

As February approaches, Paris Saint-Germain are starting to worry seriously. In recent years, the French club has often been deprived of important players in the main Champions League events. The scenario could well be repeated this season, with Parisians being affected by numerous muscle injuries. A real mystery to medical staff, but also for Alexandre Marles, former head of PSG’s Performance Department.

« It’s amazing to have as many injuries when there hasn’t been a profound change in physical preparation or training as is the case if the club changes coaches. The Champions Trophy and tour, the economic constraints that force them to play matches as soon as they resume, play a role explained the specialist to le Parisien newspaper, before criticizing the resumption date decided by coach Thomas Tuchel, three days before the 32nd French Cup final against Linas-Montlhéry.

“It’s hard to understand”

« The resumption of January 2 after the winter break? This is difficult to understand, even if players had a program to followThe former member of the club reacted. Playing 14 games without preparation is not ideal. With this rhythm, there is no physical training, only optimization and small care. In case of classification in the national cups, PSG will leave with a handicap compared to the European cadors.

« Unless the club misses the League Cup, it will have to restore intensity immediately, while players of this level lose muscle and speed qualities from five days off. You can’t reprepare in four days. Other clubs accustomed to winning the Champions League, such as Barca, Real or Juve, know how to do it and have taken over before said Alexandre Marles, who would not be surprised to see the Parisian infirmary fill up again.