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PSG – PSG: Icardi explains how he put Cavani on the sidelines – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PSG - PSG: Icardi explains how he put Cavani on the sidelines - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

On loan with an option to buy from Inter Milan this summer, Mauro Icardi quickly joined Paris Saint-Germain. His secret? Communication.

Leonardo’s decision is made. It is just halfway through the season, but the transgaming.orging director of Paris Saint-Germain has already decided to lift the option of buying Mauro Icardi for the transfer of Mauro Icardi (70 million euros). In fact, this choice is not so surprising as the striker belonging to Inter Milan is effective, especially thanks to an incredible complicity with Kylian Mbappé. An express adaptation explained to the official website of the French club.

« I feel great.Icardi said. I was lucky to have started well with the club. I come here with a lot of desire and to show what I can do in the field. And for now it works pretty well. As soon as I had the opportunity to play, I spoke with my teammates to tell them what I could do on the field, with my moves and movements. That’s why you need good communication and a good relationship with your teammates. All of this has helped ensure that my adaptation within the club is quick. »

Icardi activates “killer” mode

Of course, communication is not your only asset. Summer reinforcement is first and foremost a formidable finisher, a real gift. « It’s a natural thing in me.Said. It doesn’t work much, I try to be in the best position being as accurate as possible. And as soon as I get a chance to score, I have to be focused and go into “killer” mode. Today I have almost 150 goals in my credit and they are almost all similar. That’s what characterizes me. The striker has 13 goals in 16 games in all competitions.