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PSG – PSG: Mbappé lets go, Verratti relieved… Neymar surprises Parisians – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PSG - PSG: Mbappé lets go, Verratti relieved... Neymar surprises Parisians - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Surprising against AS Saint-Etienne (6-1) on Wednesday in the League Cup, Neymar confirms his excellent form with Paris Saint-Germain. The Brazilian is involved, to the delight of his teammates.

With this level of performance and involvement, Neymar simply returned to the Parc des Princes. Forget about whistles because of their desires elsewhere last summer. The game maker is only entitled to applause or even cheers from the Parisian public. It’s enough to find a smile, especially since the Brazilian goes in uninjured matches. Therefore, he is a successful player with which Marco Verratti rubs shoulders every day.

« Neymar has always been happy here in Paris, described the midfielder. Then, of course, when you’re off the field, you’re not playing, you’re in trouble on all sides, it’s hard. He’s a young guy, he’s 27, sometimes you think that because he’s rich, handsome and he plays football, everything is easy. But real life is something else. The only thing that makes him happy is playing. Not being able to play is hard for him, but once he’s on the field, it’s amazing. »

Verratti no longer runs for two

Especially when the former Barcelona player agrees to race to his midfield. « In the last two or three months, he has been even more incredible with his defensive effortsThe Italian commented. I play alongside him and I don’t even remember making an effort for him, he’s still involved. Ney is a good example because if he makes an effort, everyone has to follow him. The most expensive player in history surprises Verratti, but also Kylian Mbappé who loses his perfect expression.

« He had a good winter (smile). We had a great time, we wanted to have some fun. Now that it’s over, he’s back at work, he’s playing football, so everything’s fine. Is he playing? Yes, I saw him fucking! It’s great., dropped the French striker. When we talk about conscience… Neymar who faces, talks to the whole team. That’s great. It is likely that you are in the Parisian dressing room Saint-Germain…