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PSG – PSG: Neymar, Mbappé and Sarabia, we don't touch anything! – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


PSG - PSG: Neymar, Mbappé and Sarabia, we don't touch anything!

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For a no-effort game, PSG managed the perfect reception of Galatasaray on Wednesday night and rolled their football to win 5-0 with active participation from all offensive players.

And while this meeting should logically not provide many lessons, Jerome Rothen believes the copy made is very promising for the future. In terms of tactics, positioning and state of mind, the RMC consultant saw exactly what PSG had to do to get a long way in the Champions League. A starting lineup that he almost no longer touches when it comes to offensive players, although Angel Di Maria was obviously not present for this meeting.

" I liked the tactics in place of Tuchel, it really is this 4-4-2 that will apply, with Neymar starting from the left to go into the axis. There, Neymar, he is impeccable, concentrated, he folds. I was in the park, so yes the others were cornered, but you still lost the ball you felt these two lines of four. And I like it because it means Sarabia on the one hand and Neymar on the other – and when Sarabia was in the Mbappé axis went right – and it's consistent. This was requested by the coach and used. Tuchel managed to get these players to understand that more work had to be done. They are aware of that too. We are not going to tell Neymar how to win the Champions League, he has already. And on the one hand. But there he questioned himself. In the state of mind, they are there, in the collective. And so this Mbappé-Neymar relationship, I love it. Mbappé second tip, it brings him closer to Neymar. And when these two are combined … they are so complementary. We saw it on target. Neymar has this facility for breaking the lines of a pass. Frankly it's PSG that I like and it's been a long time "The former Paris player ignited, for which Thomas Tuchel still found an alchemy, which will necessarily repeat in the big matches in February.