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PSG – PSG: Neymar, Mbappé, Icardi, Pierre Ménès make a terrible statement – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


PSG - PSG: Neymar, Mbappé, Icardi, Pierre Ménès make a terrible statement

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Paris Saint-Germain has long been abused in Montpellier before he finally won (1-3). For Pierre Ménès, with Neymar, Kyian Mbappé and Mauro Icardi, PSG can go from mediocre to brilliant.

Quite a quarter of an hour before the game between Montpellier and PSG, while Héraultais led 1-0, could predict that the Paris hurricane would suddenly start to blow. But thanks to a brilliant Neymar, Paris Saint-Germain swept everything in its path. For Pierre Ménès, it is obvious that the formation of Thomas Tuchel is capable of sublimation with his offensive trio composed by Neymar, Mabppé and Icardi. Only problem, it gets a little too repetitive, PSG has trouble making a clean copy lately.

And if the Canal + consultant on the blog salutes the magical trio of Paris SG, he still admits that Parisian behavior is a real concern. " Up until 75 minutes, you could say that Paris had a very weak technical game, with a very disappointing attack trio. Neymar tried a lot, but missed almost everything and Mbappé as Icardi was almost non-existent. But the magic of the big players is that they don't need much to go from dullness to full sun. Neymar equalized with a full-scale free-kick after a mistake he himself had caused – and which also caused the expulsion of this dreaded lawnmower from Pedro Mendes, who might have already received a direct red for his tackle on Bernat in the first period. A little gem that launched the Brazilian. Because when the others start dropping their feet, they are not tired. He continued with a decisive pass for Mbappé, who hooked Souquet and scored with a dry move, then a new free kick, which was the bar. And when it was said that Mbappé was content with a minimum in this match, he let go of a lavish right-footed cross volley from Icardi. This is how the genius of three players changed the game in seven minutes. That removes nothing from all the problems surrounding the background of PSG and its constancy "Writes Pierre Ménès, who knows that this will not always be enough for Paris Saint-Germain, especially when the European games are going to intensify.