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Psg PSG – PSG: Cavani can go, Leonardo’s bomb! – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Psg PSG - PSG: Cavani can go, Leonardo's bomb! - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Apart from Paris Saint-Germain’s classification, Leonardo announced that Edinson Cavani had asked to leave, but that Atletico Madrid’s offer was insufficient at this time.

The Brazilian transgaming.orging director of Paris Saint-Germain is a master of communication. And when Leonardo comes out of his silence, it’s usually to put his feet on the plate. No one has forgotten his speech on Neymar just days before the end of the 2019 summer transfer window. And this time it was in the Edinson Cavani case that Leo spoke from Lorient’s side. Asked about the rumours Matador sent to Atletico Madrid, the PSG coach admitted that, in fact, the top scorer in the history of the capital club had asked to leave in January.

Leonardo won’t make a friendly prize for Cavani

But Leonardo also warned that if this exit took place, it would not be at a bargain price. « I’m not sure Cavani’s here in February (…) We’ve always said the same thing about Edinson Cavani. We were hoping he’d stay at PSG, but he asked to leave. We’re investigating the situation. We had a proposal from Atletico Madrid, but this proposal was not in the player’s quality. So we’re listening with Cavani, but we’re a little further from Atletico Madrid because we haven’t had any new contacts since. Today, there’s nothing. We never thought about that. We’re looking to the future. It’s a little clearer, for the player, for the future. We’ll see how it evolves in the next few days. We are listening because we respect the player who is Edinson Cavani, we are talking about a player who has a six-and-a-half year history in Paris explained the transgaming.orging director of Paris Saint-Germain, who does not want a tangle with such an emblematic player and appreciated by PSG fans. But to succeed in snatching the capital club from him with six months to the end of his contract, the leaders of the Mattressers will have to put a price on it.