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Psg PSG – PSG: L1 has found its ambassador in Paris, it’s Di Maria! – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Psg PSG - PSG: L1 has found its ambassador in Paris, it's Di Maria! - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Each season, the weakness of the French league and the lack of opposition proposed to Paris Saint-Germain are arguments presented to explain the poor performance of the capital club in the Champions League.

It is true that PSG rarely rush into Ligue 1 as it is in the Champions League, where the very high intensity of matches sometimes surprises Thiago Silva’s partners. However, it is unfair and too easy to incriminate the French championship according to Angel Di Maria, who has stepped forward the poster on the official website of the LFP to defend Ligue 1. For Argentina’s international OF PSG, Ligue 1 is making progress, and Paris Saint-Germain’s lead over their pursuers doesn’t mean everything. Just look at England with Liverpool, who have more advantage than Paris in Marseille…

“It’s changed a lot. I think it gets more competitive every year. Each season, the teams are stronger, it becomes harder to win. My first two campaigns here… I’m not saying they were in the West, but the opposition wasn’t as strong as it is today. Gradually, Ligue 1 became more competitive, harder to win. Teams have figured out how to play against us. Coaches have formulated plans to thwart the plans of PSG, Marseille, Lyon … It’s important and I think it helps the championship grow. Many think the championship is weaker than the others, but look at the other championships. Liverpool has a boulevard ahead of it, and when we build a similar advantage, it’s because the championship isn’t so good?! There are fewer star names here, but the championship is really competitive.” explained Angel Di Maria, for whom Ligue 1 has a bright future ahead of it. If Angel says so then…