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PSG Psg – PSG: Neymar Chief Leonardo with Qatar Agreement? – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PSG Psg - PSG: Neymar Chief Leonardo with Qatar Agreement? - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Last weekend, Neymar decided to celebrate his birthday two days before the trip to Nantes. But why didn’t Paris Saint-Germain intervene?

Listening to coach Thomas Tuchel at a press conference, it is clear that the party organised by Neymar has disturbed Paris Saint-Germain. And for good reason, the capital club, which wants to avoid any risk or controversy in the lead to the Champions League quarter-final against Borussia Dortmund, knew that a birthday two days before a match in Nantes could be a problem. However, no one has thwarted the Brazilian’s plans, which Jean-Michel Moutier does not understand.

« Neymar may be the best player of the Qatari era, but the real institution is PSGThe former transgaming.orging director of the French club, contacted by Le Parisien, was highlighted. You mustn’t catch up. You may want to, but it’s up to the leaders to explain that the institution is stronger than it is. As Paris played on Saturday afternoon, he would have asked him to host it after the match, at 9 pm. Participants would have had one more day of recovery. »

“We had to change”

« You still have to consider the calendar. I knew him before I made reservations. It’s a problem of managers and not coach, who suffers more than anything elseDefended. The president or transgaming.orging director should explain to you what is possible, what is not. There’s no ban. Just adapt to the schedule. I reaffirm that the institution is above Neymar. »

In this case, DS Leonardo lacked authority. « Does Neymar call the emir directly, the shareholder? (Smile) This is where we see the authority of a transgaming.orging directorMoutier asked himself. Have you put him before the fait acdone? You can’t ban it, but you should have changed the date. With two days to go to a game, we had to change. Apparently, the Brazilian leader did not take a hard look forward to playing the troublemaker.