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PSG Psg – PSG: Verratti’s hardiser Michael Youn balances his slips – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PSG Psg - PSG: Verratti's hardiser Michael Youn balances his slips - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Often criticized for his lifestyle, Marco Verratti struggles to change his bad habits. A new testimony overwhelms the Paris Saint-Germain community.

Since joining Paris Saint-Germain in 2012, Marco Verratti has had this reputation that adheres to his skin. A player far from being framed as soon as he leaves the green rectangle. It must be said that the Italian does nothing to get rid of this bad image. It’s not uncommon to hear testimonies from people who have seen “Little Owl” at night out. But what bothers him most is probably his inability to quit. As Verratti himself entrusted Michael Youn.

« As soon as I leave, I meet Verratti so in a moment, we end up getting closer! (laughs). I don’t go out often, but as soon as I get out, he’s there, the French actor told RMC. If it’s whiskey-coke? More beer and cigarettes. The guy’s smoking! Smoke! “I got into the e-cigarette.” I said, “Yes, but hey anyway, you’re a top player! I’m a jumpimbanque, it doesn’t matter! So I was a little surprised. »

White had warned

A statement that won’t surprise Laurent Blanc. In fact, Verratti’s former coach at Paris Saint-Germain has recently been fatalistic about the Italian international’s off-pitch business. « You can’t eliminate everything from your life or change your personalitywarned the technician. He’s got to be himself. But you have to make things a little fairer, more measured, finding the right balance. He’s a great player, but he still has a level to become a great player. The more the seasons pass, the less likely you are to succeed…