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PSG – PSG: Thank you for signing in Paris, begS Kouassi and Aouchiche – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PSG - PSG: Thank you for signing in Paris, begS Kouassi and Aouchiche - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Since the start of the season, Thomas Tuchel has regularly summoned two very promising 17-year-old players who have not yet signed their first professional contract in Paris: Tanguy Kouassi and Adil Aouchiche.

The first city is in the sights of RB Leipzig, which offers 4 MEs bonus in the signing, while the second most offensive player, has a good rating in Spain. In both cases, Paris Saint-Germain is quite optimistic. But as long as nothing is signed, European competition can play ugly tricks at PSG. Colin Dagba, a partner of the two 17-year-old nuggets in the French capital, urged Tanguy Kouassi and Adil Aouchiche to accept the Paris Saint-Germain proposal.

Dagba advises Aouchiche and Kouassi…

“I’d like you to stay at PSG. After that, it’s not my responsibility. It’s between them, their agent and the club. I was patient and had my chance. They will also have it, they were able to play in the French Cup, as well as in Ligue 1 and the French Cup for Tanguy. The coach proves that he trusts them, it would be good if they continued the adventure at PSG” said the Béthune native, who is also trained in Paris and does not regret signing his first professional contract in favor of PSG as he is now a regular starter.

… and wants to establish itself as number 1 in Paris

Personally, your goal now is to become indisputable. “My extension was a brand of the club’s attention, I feel a real confidence, that wants to continue the adventure with me. It made me feel good, it gave me encouragement to work. I’d like to stay as long as I can and be number one one day. I’m a patient and I know it’s a chance to be at PSG. said Colin Dagba, who has a great ambition that will please the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain. Leonardo now expects Tanguy Kouassi and Adil Aouchiche to show the same mood by signing in Paris…