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PSG – PSG: This coach has found the parade against Neymar penalties – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PSG - PSG: This coach has found the parade against Neymar penalties - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Neymar is again a penalty goalscorer in Monaco (1-4) on Wednesday and is a true specialist in this exercise. But a coach thinks he knows how to defeat the Brazilian.

Benjamin Lecomte couldn’t do anything. In the space of a few days, the shrewd goalkeeper AS Monaco just awarded two penalties from Neymar. It must be said that the striker of Paris Saint-Germain is formidable in this exercise. Since his arrival in 2017, the Brazilian has made 12 attempts in Ligue 1, a performance that no one matches in the same period. That is, how difficult the gatekeepers are in front of this race and this special vision.

But on the Chelsea side, goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon can have the anti-Neymar weapon. « I saw the penalty last Sunday. If you offer Neymar any choice, of course he’ll take over itChannel’s consultant commented. I’m not trying to give a cure. But I drifted again last Sunday several times, and I saw this one again, where Lecomte leaves much later, it means he learned his lesson and worked with the goalkeeping coach, tried to delay as long as possible. »

How to deceive Neymar

« But shouldn’t we try to get Neymar to shoot from the side where we want him to shoot? It’s very difficult because it has a skill, a vision, a visual acuity right now that’s absolutely phenomenal! In addition to a standing technique that can change the orientation at the last second, praised Rennes’ former coach. But if you put your body in a slight imbalance to show that you’re going to come out of one side, and you’re completely squirting to the other side, you might be surprised. Taking Neymar to his own game, the idea could well serve goalkeepers l1.