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PSG wins the Champions Trophy against Rennes – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


PSG wins the Champions Trophy against Rennes

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Winner of Stade Rennais FC this Saturday in Shenzhen, PSG won the 2019 Champions Trophy (2-1).

Shenzhen becomes Paris Saint-Germain. As last summer against AS Monaco, PSG launches the season by winning the Champions Trophy at the Universiade Sports Center this Saturday. The defending champion came towards the end of Stade Rennais, winner of the last Coupe de France (2-1). Led by Adrien Hunou early in the match, the capital club reversed the situation in the second half thanks to Kylian Mbappé and Angel Di Maria, free-range shooters just after entering the match. PSG won its 9th Champions Trophy, the 7th in a row.

Hunou surprises PSG

The Bretons pose problems for the Parisians and prevent them from developing games during these first minutes of the game, but PSG will jeopardize Koubek's goal on a permanent kick. On a free kick from the left, Sarabia delivers the ball to the head of Kehrer who finds the cross (11th). Almost in the process, the Rennais project sends itself forward, and Bourigeaud sends a center to plunge into the back of the Paris defenseAdrien Hunou deviate slightly from the left in the yarns of Areola (0-1, 13.).

The Parisians then put in pressure, alternating attempts from afar and centers, which on this unsuccessful attempt by Herrera on a service from Bernat (22). After a corner, Mbappé swings but sees his shot blocked by Morel (32nd). Found at an opening by Verratti, Mbappé picks up the ankle rather than the sole of his foot and does not catch the frame (40.). Just before the return from the locker room, Bourigeaud gives the chest to his keeper, which is almost to the benefit of Cavani who flung himself (43).

Like a deja vu

The start of the second period looks like a defensive attack. Rennes rear guard eventually fell for an opening from Marquinhos to Sarabia. The Spanish rookie gives a touch too Kylian Mbappé pushing the ball to the back of the net (1-1, 57.). That's when Bernat delivers an excellent center that Cavani can't take back. The ball landed on Sarabia, surprised, who could not hit (59th place). At an opening from Kehrer, Mbappé accelerates and is transplanted to the axis before arming, but Koubek folds well (61).

Entering the game, Angel Di Maria, the big guy for the 2018 Trophée des Champions, wraps left at the entrance to the area, but the Rennes keeper takes off for a good flight (67th). This is only a delay since the Argentine international will then succeed in copying his goal at a free-kick that was flagged a year ago in Shenzhen against AS Monaco. About twenty meters away, just outside the middle right, Angel Di Maria sends a free-kick wonder into the skylight to Koubek (2-1, 73rd place). But Julien Stéphan's players reappear in the end. Romain Del Castillo even has the opportunity to equalize, but he shoots just over (87th). Ex-Nîmes then centers on Tait who cannot give power to his head (88.). A little floating offers new ammunition to Rennes, including Camavinga (90. + 3), but the score does not move. Parisian players can smile and especially Marco Verratti, winner of the 7th time trophy, the absolute record.

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