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RACING Racing asks LaLiga to extend its salary cap – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


RACING Racing asks LaLiga to extend its salary cap - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

If Alfredo Pérez and Pedro Ortiz, president and vice president of Racing, can’t be accused of anything, it’s figurines.. They are not too common of boxes and seem allergic to the media: Ortiz has never made any statements and his partner can count on the fingers of one hand, including institutional press conferences, the last in May to announce debt payment to the Treasury and in August to make public the capital increase of two million approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting. Since then, nothing. Silenzio stampa…, until tomorrow Wednesday.

The owners of most of Racing’s share capital have convened an “informational breakfast aimed exclusively at informants covering the club’s current events”. It is expected that announce LaLiga’s acceptance of the extension of the salary cap, in principle by the revenue improvement via sponsorships and subscribers compared to the summer budget. It’s about to see if Perez and Ortiz also make a last-minute economic effort.

Nor can Alfredo Pérez’s proverbial optimism ever obviate the transgaming.orging and social crisis in which Racing is immersed, sunk in the standings and with a social mass faced by the club’s transgaming.orging director, Chuti Molina, which is increasingly called for dismissal. Yesterday, without going any further, with some painted on the west facade of the Campos de Sport, right next to the entrance to the club offices.
To the transgaming.orging director, who has retained the greatest decision-making power ever had in Racing, he is almost unanimously accused of having drawn up an uncompetitive squad and of having worked from the outset to isolate the team from its surroundings, one of the most faithful and unconditional fans in the country, as it has shown in the last decade in which, stubbornly, it has refused to surrender and allow the disappearance of old Racing.