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Raillo accelerates Hercules’ path to hell – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Hercules is not here now to beat anyone. And it’s been like this for a while. Not even the teams in his league and with which he will play salvation at the end of the season, at best. Mir’s ensemble took another step yesterday to go to Third before the Prat, a rival who again slashed the local defensive blandura. And that the Hercules, as already happened before the Axis, was advanced twice on the scoreboard. But the blue-white outfit concedes a lot and gives goals to its rivals. And so it’s impossible to save yourself.

The Alicantino draw started the second round of the championship with another ridiculous, umpteenth. The team only generated football for ten minutes and Prat, when he went for the tie, always made it. Mir’s draw closes the last three home games, against direct opponents, with a balance of two draws and one defeat. Worrying numbers that precipitate the downgrade to Third if the winter market does not remedy it.

Hercules signed another lousy first time. The team only kicked once at a time after a horseback ride from Benja. Qwas fortunate enough to get ahead of himself with a penalty committed over Pablo Iniguez, a center with a forward’s soul, when trying to break inside the area. Yeray didn’t forgive and the prize was excessive.

The Hercules was determined to for the second after the break and Moha bumped into the post and Andrés, who took a good ball with his foot. The blue-white harness lasted ten minutes, the short time left for this self-love team. Soon after, Raillo’s goal came, who marked at pleasure after a chain error and a lack of brutal force on the part of the entire American defense.

Jona scored 2-1 again after a Yeray pass that started Benja after stealing Ricarte’s wallet. Twelve minutes were missing and the match looked controlled, but again Raillo took advantage of a layoff to top a center head. The tie came six minutes from the end. There was no longer a reaction from the Hercules.

Perone can be official today

The Hercules hopes to announce today the signing of Bruno Perone, zaguero del N’stic. The Brazilian plant will become the second blue-white reinforcement in this market after the arrival of De Lerma. Fran Miranda al-Nstic’s march will also be officialized in hours. The transgaming.orgs commission is still looking for reinforcements after yesterday’s umpteenth bad image.