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Rakitic runs over Arthur – – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Chance or not, it doesn't seem, Barça have been another since Rakitic is in the field. With Messi in the middle, it can't be said that the Croatian is the key of the team, but since he appeared in Butarque 57 minutes into the match 1-1 between Leganés and Barça, he hasn't disappeared since eleven and Barca only know win And especially, play better and more balanced. Rakitic returned to the title in the match against Borussia Dortmund and, after a dangerous loss in the first minutes, settled down and settled in Barça. Against Borussia, Atletico and Mallorca, Barça was another team. And Rakitic, the player who looked like delivery meat, starts over.

On this journey, Rakitic ran over Arthur. After a promising start, the Brazilian begins to lose weight in the team in a worrying way. Between pubic problems and technical decisions, the former guild player disappears. In the last four games he has played only in Wanda (Busquets has been down) and has not had minutes against Leganés. Dortmund and Majorca. Valverde had given him the keys to the team with De Jong earlier this year and Arthur seemed to take the challenge seriously. He played a few meters later, as requested by the coach, and gave more passes on the opposite field. He even scored (two tracks) and distributed assists. But continuity is not among its virtues. With many physical ailments by age 23 and other things in his mind that already confused him last year ("last year I was wrong in the physical," he admitted pre-season in Michigan), he missed the flight and partly Valverde's confidence.

Meanwhile silently, Rakitic, who looked like transferred flesh, took off. Weeks after saying he was sad that the ball had been taken from him, and when he felt the transfer in January was inevitable, he regained his presence on the teams. Fans cheered up when he was replaced on Saturday against Mallorca and it is not so clear that it will go away. Among other things, because it is easy to detect this Barça is better thanks to its physical balance. And that Rakitic, as he says, still has a lot to give. The Croatian will not forget these difficult months, but it has become clear that his priorities have changed. The famous contract improvement has even talked about what he wants to play and that if he is in Barça, "there is no better place". "I want to keep winning titles and the team that fights most for all titles every year is Barça; so If I play here, there is no better place"Rakitic again won the battle of professionalism and, in silence, He worked to recover his best days. One detail liked a lot in Barça. When he played less, he returned from concentration with the Croatian team instead of staying there. He suffered problems with the Achilles tendon. Unlike many other players who do not play with their physically challenged teams and teams, Rakitic turned, did not play with Croatia and reappeared against Leganes. Since then, he has not left eleven and regained status. The news also makes Messi happy, who lives happily when the Croatian is on the pitch. Rakitic's days at Camp Nou are not over yet.