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Ramírez: "I'll put everything so that Viera stays" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Miguel Ángel Ramírez, president of Las Palmas Sports Union, clarified on the news that Jonathan Viera remains that “it is not true, for whatever reason the digital portal has provided this information, but the reality is that it does not correspond with reality. "

The yellow president stated that at the moment “the remaining percentage is zero. He is currently a Beijing Guoan player and we are very grateful that they left us with this football player who was unreachable because of his economic status. I don't find out how important it is to you, but we have to be calm, although we would be delighted if you were still with us while you were aware of the enormous difficulties on the economic issue. We are working to try and extend your stay at our club, but it is not up to us; We do our job to see if it is possible. "

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He revealed that “there are a lot of alternatives, but the only reality is that the next 21st will be his last game with Las Palmas. The other options would be because they leave us until February, who do the preseason and the coach doesn't have him and they leave him until the end of the season, or he stays on his team, which is now the most important option. From January, he will be in Beijing and may not return, "taking the opportunity to clarify that" this operation has nothing to do with a possible sale of the club; This is not true, not true.

When he ends his relationship with the yellows after the match against Rayo Vallecano, “it will be seen whether he can come or not, but there is a very good relationship with Beijing Guoan, a footballer club, so whatever it is. does not fit reality. If I, the club president, have nothing to say, I have no idea what will happen, no one has the right to say that he will stay or not. I reiterate that we will see what happens, because we are all looking forward to it, but it is not up to us. That's why I ask for patience and tranquility, because I think it was harder to bring it when we brought it in the summer than now. We have to continue this same line of work to try to continue. ”

On the possible pressure that Viera could exert to stay, it was frank to ensure that “no soccer player can put pressure on what Viera charges. If he wants to stay, his team tells him that there is no problem, that he gives in, but that he does not pay, and how we can not pay him … I reiterate that everything must be done in moderation and with the utmost respect for Chinese leaders, who are happy with what Viera has done here. If you continue, we will have many chances to change the goal of permanence and even achieve success. It would also be reevaluated here and Beijing Guoan would benefit indirectly. "

It was clear by explaining that the possible continuity of the player of the Fair “does not mean the departure of any player, because this operation is out of the entire sports team, because Viera only costs more than the rest of the team. I performed this operation personally and could continue because it would leave me nothing in the way. I will put everything to stay, but if not, I will have a clear conscience. "

What bothers the president of the islanders is that “talk disparagingly about the Chinese when there are 80,000 spectators in his stadium and here 10,000… We have to thank them for the miracle he is here and if he stays until the end of the season We would be happy and thankful that we would talk about goal changes. Clearly this UD is not the same with Viera and without him, so let's trust that the miracle can be repeated as last summer. His team is not a Chinese Super League champion by two points and I am convinced that if Viera had played there, he would have won, but failing that meant he saw that he had stopped charging two million euros in bonuses. ”