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Ramos has an ally in his eagerness to go to the Games: Luis Enrique – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Euro barforete. Luis Enrique supports Sergio Ramos in their eagerness to defend the colors of Spain in the Tokyo Olympics. The Asturian knows well what the matter is about, since he himself, besides playing three World (United States 1994, France 1998 and Korea-Japan 2002) with La Roja, was Olympic gold with the national team in Barcelona’92. Luis Enrique he keeps as one of the best memories in his career as a footballer precisely his participation in the JJ OOs. That’s why you understand and support Sergio Ramos in their desire to defend the colors of Spain in the Olympic event. The problem is that the squares are expensive and those who have achieved the ranking are supposed to take precedence.


Photo by Sergio Ramos

Priorities. The idea of Luis de la FuenteCoach Under-21s, is to take Fabian, Ceballos and Merino, the three who were champions in the last European championship and who will come to Tokyo exceeding the regulatory age. The rule allows three players over the age of 23 to carry, and those mentioned are supposed to have priority. In addition to these three, there are six others who were also European champions last summer in Italy and who are over the age. But still Sergio Ramos, who has the support not only Luis Enrique but also that of President Rubiales, should not be ruled out..

Changes in the rules. The president of the Uefa, Ceferin, has already spoken out against the indiscriminate use of Var. He is in favour of introducing an error factor of 15 centimeters for offside. But most of all he wants video refereeing to be used only for “clear and manifest errors”. It will bring this proposal to the International Board, which will meet in March Ireland. Temporary substitutions will also be discussed there. Temporary replacement will take place when a player suffers a blow to the head requiring medical attention. In that time, coaches could make a change so as not to be numerically inferior. The other proposal UEFA will carry is to restrict the protests to referees to the exclusive figure of the captains. The aim is to avoid that classic image of an entire team surrounding a collegiate to protest a decision. There will be no half-inks here, and referees will be able to pull the red card in case they feel intimidated.