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Real 1×1: Excellent half-prize choral performance – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Real 1x1: Excellent half-prize choral performance

 - Transgaming 1

-Remember: He held Real at the most critical moments of the game. Two stops of great merit for Luis Suárez and Griezmann. Another excellent performance. Could do little in the goals.

-Zaldua: He had the task of sustaining Griezmann, something he achieved for many minutes, although it could not stop him from sneaking quickly to his band at the 1-1 goal.

-Llorente: He came out in the main photos of the match. The 1-0 applies a discussed penalty because Busquets grabs him and then the referee does not punish him with the maximum penalty for a fight within the area with Piqué. He runs in an attempt to clear and opens the door for Barca's draw. He had a lot of work done with the character when playing a lot of exposure. It failed, but was not hidden later, and this should be valued.

-Zubeldia: Is your position not really central? Sleek, flawless new performance against a big entity rival and a Real who takes on many risks. He was the first to pick up the ball with discretion.

-Monreal: He suffered the entire game with long balls behind him, but redid himself to be a direct protagonist in the 2-2 game. A luxury on the left side.

-Guevara: Excellent performance of the Vitorian. Certainly in the cut and anticipation, even better with the ball at his feet, skipping pressure lines with his inter-pass, there were moments in the game far superior to the center of Barcelona. His long start at Primera is still impressive. In his first big game, he showed that he has quality and personality to lead the field of this Real.

-Merino: Another afternoon of hard work in the office, doing a dark job for the team. Undisputed player of Imanol for everything it covers in the wide area. With the ball, he has always helped Guevara and Ødegaard, though no more danger to attacking positions.

-Ødegaard: He made a doctorate against Barcelona. Another tribute corresponds to the three quarter online game. That drove the Barcelona defender crazy and this time only needed a bit more accuracy in the last pass to be closer to victory. Repertoire of dribbles, pipes and walls. A luxury player.

-Oyarzabal: Undisputed referee of this Real, he scored the penalty 1-0 with impressive safety. Constant danger in his left lane with his measured centers, he also lacked accuracy in the final meters.

-For you: He never tired of running to explore the spaces and help Zaldua in defense. But it couldn't shine as bright as other afternoons. He is a warrior without a sword.

-Isak: It was the surprise at eleven and Imanol wasn't wrong. When he started the bike on the three-quarter line, the Barca seemed unstoppable. Also very interesting game, which surpassed with the ultimate goal of the draw.

-Januzaj: He went out to deepen the right wing and take advantage of its imbalance one by one. It was good, but could be better.

-Willian Jose: The goal was always around, but his teammates didn't need accuracy on the last pass to find it.

-Barrenetxea: Minutes to merge with few options, yes, to show all their good qualities.