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Real Madrid: A break for Benzema – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Benzema need take oxygen before him Witches today (21:00, Movistar Champions League). The Frenchman played 97% of the minutes of this course and only rested before Osasuna. This pace makes the attacker play almost twice as much as when he was 27, four seasons ago. The inconsequential part in Belgium will make its final rotation possible. That way you will be more rested in hard end of 2019 with three games in just eight days: Valencia (December 15), Barcelona (18) and Atlético (22).

Royal Madrid Emblem / Flag

All aimed at Benzema I wasn't going to travel to Belgium, but Zidane took him ahead of Mariano. It is not ruled out that he can play the final minutes because the Champions It's your fetish competition. Although Mestalla and Classic are the priority.

Season Minutes Goals
2019-20 1660 ((97%) 15
2018-19 1,725 ​​((87%) 10
2017-18 1,261 82 (82%) 5th
2016-17 1,115 ((68%) 8th
2015-16 875 ((74%) 12
2014-15 1,649 ((87%) 13
2013-14 1,432 (83%) 10
2012-13 1,217 (61%) 8th
2011-12 1,255 (69%) 12
2010-11 794 (44%) 6th
2009-10 1,062 (73%) 5th

O karim replacement it will be a relief For the Belgian entity. PSG and Galatasaray twice and Bruges at the Bernabéu suffered Benzema 100% of the minutes. To Zidane It's not easy to leave out your countryman (who scored 34% of his team's goals). In concrete terms: of the 43 Madrid fans, his team is 15 years old and has distributed seven goal passes. He also took on the role of can opener (he has opened the scoreboard eight times). Only Casemiro (1,740) and Ramos (1,680) outperform Benzema (1,664) in terms of participation.

Him front 31 already used to it frantic pace: At this point in the previous season (1,725 ​​& # 39;), he had only been a substitute against the Levant. Except in the campaign 2013-14, the front does not record more minutes than in These last two years. In this edition of the Champions, his doubles against Galatasaray and PSG, respectively, put him with four goals; surpassed by Lewandowski (10), Haland (8), Kane (6), Son, Sterling and Lautaro (all three with five). In your horizon another mark appears: won his seven goals in 2011-12, his best mark.

The ambition of wanting to be the top scorer of the competition would be the only explanation for a hypothetical possession in Belgium, in a match in which Zidane must trade pieces. Bruges are already waiting for Jovic on the pitch and Karim on the bench.

Your last Champions League break was in 2017

O Champions it's the Benzema's Favorite Competition (He won four times). The last time the Frenchman left the bank was in the 2017-2018 season. Madrid played against him Borussia Dortmund at the Bernabéu. Departed from the bank and didn't play not a minute in a match that ended in 3-2 and that was the Last meeting of the group stage. Months before suffering a semimembranous injury to the right leg and the Frenchman was not completely comfortable warming up. In 2016 also happened somewhat similar, although they ended up playing against Sporting Portugal in the penultimate group stage game. The team had a good opportunity to claim as a first group and Zidane opted for Lucas Vázquez, Bale and Cristiano. The Frenchman entered on 67 minutes and, twenty minutes later, scored the victory (1-2) in José Alvalade.

Those two European substitutions, Benzema account Champions League games with titles. So much so that the striker played everything during the current edition of the main continental competition. Karim needs to rest and the Champions League can give him at an important time of the season. Although he travels with the rest of the expedition, he will see from the bank how Jovic will try to claim the grass tomorrow.