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Real Madrid: average happens in attack – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Following the departure of Cristiano del Real Madrid, a mantra was installed in the white club: everyone should increase their contribution to the attack. make up for the 50 goals a season the Portuguese took to Turin. The disastrous campaign of the past made it clear that this premise was not fulfilled, but in this course the white core took note and attacked: its six members have participated, among goals and assists, in 26 points.

Royal Madrid Emblem / Flag

Modric leads the statistics with three goals scored and five assists; The Croatian is especially meritorious as he played only 770 minutes, more than a thousand less than Zidane's most used player (Casemiro, with 1,830)). The old golden ball participates in a goal every 96 minutes. Kroos follows closely, with just one assist left, and closes Valverde's podium, which has been discovered as a great start: two goals and three assists so far.

The 26 core participation goals, after just four months of competition, contrast with the 38 that reached the same line last year … throughout the season. And what the 2018-19 team had with one more money: they were Modric, Kroos, Casemiro, Isco, Marcos Llorente, Ceballos and Valverde. The best mark was again for Modric with four goals and eight assists; With two thirds of the season ahead, the Balkans have everything to improve their numbers last season.

Isco, what's missing

And to all this it is necessary to add the contribution of an Isco that this course has not yet added a goal or assistance, but that the past was the best scorer of the midfielders, with six goals, despite spending half a season in ostracism for his frontal confrontation. with Solari. The director of the Malaga awakening would eventually increase the offensive face of the white spinal cord.

Among the six members are 11 goals from the 45 Real Madrid have scored so far this season, 24.4%; The previous campaign was 20 out of 108, 18.5%. An increase of almost 6% confirms the advance of the average in search of new achievements.