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Real Madrid: Benzema, goals given by the leagues – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


It is very banal what Mourinho called a "cat" day to Benzemabut in Mestalla was almost more relevant than ever. If you are going to hunt a League, this Karim has become a hunting dog. He sniffed the rebound in the agonizing courtois header and sank his teeth into the neck: his shot was intentionally high to avoid the swarm of Valencian players. He slipped between Wass, Gayà and Jaume, this one under sticks.

A goal that unleashed euphoria benzene (He hit his chest, even with his splinted hand) and where it didn't seem coincidental the player who ran the most to celebrate the miracle was Sergio Ramos. He recognized this epic in Benzema this is usually attached to it, like a magnet, in the head and the finals.

Mestalla was not, but it is a place where leagues are won or lost. And Benzema is giving more than goals, goals that become points in the closet. Their goals were decisive to get on track or decide seven games and give Madrid a total of seven points.: He scored 1-1 against Valladolid, was the target of Pizjuán (0-1), doubled 3-2 to Levante and yesterday his goal again saved his team a point, this 1 -1 in Valencia.

Royal Madrid Emblem / Flag

A goal that keeps you lush in the fight for pichichi (12 goals, same as Messi three days from the classic) and that was also the last of his career. The stopwatch marked 94 & # 39; & # 39 ;. Real Madrid have not recovered points with that last goal since Cristiano scored against Elche six and a half years ago in 95 & # 39; 25 & # 39; …

Energetic karim

This new unleashed Benzema has, curiously, seen last year in Mestalla. Madrid fell 2-1, but the white goal was French and also in the discount (93 & # 39;). Although Real Madrid have lost the league and almost the game, he took the ball in anger and threw his teammates Go for more. An image in the antipodes of that hermetic-glacial attacker in previous years. No longer. "So we always believe," was Zidane's still adrenalitic analysis of flash interview. Until the end … Karim Benzema.