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Real Madrid "I had a picture of Hazard's Facebook wallpaper" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Rodrygo Goes, 18, arrived in Madrid to stay. The & # 39; radius & # 39; is his nickname and the transience with which he burns stage does him justice. Since Zidane started betting on him didn't stop breaking early records. Osasco analyzed in & # 39;Star field& # 39; of Realmadrid TV every step he took in his short but intense career.

A family that always supported him: "My family is the best possible, it's the best I have in life. They do everything for me. I'm lucky to have young parents who understand me. My father is my inspiration because he is also a soccer player. We had to see when he played and when I played. My mother is also proud of everything she has done for me. At home, I was very naughty and a little nervous playing football. All my memories have a ball around. "

Football starts: "I always played in the street with my friends when I came home from school. I think I had a little more ambition than all my friends. Since I was a kid, I scored a lot of goals. I liked to haggle, but what I liked most was scoring."

I pass by São Paulo: "When I was 8, I came to Sao Paulo. The coach said my name when reviewing who had passed (a test) and started crying. It made me very happy, it was like a dream."

Arrival in Santos with 10 years: "I had the dream of playing at Santos. They gave me a test to play with them. When they broke the news to me, the whole family was very happy because they knew it was my dream.

Shield / Flag of Santos

Debut as a pro and in the Liberators: "I signed and it was a dream. (The premiere) It was one of the happiest days of my life. For all young Brazilians, the dream of debuting in the first team is a great moment. I remember a match in Peru when the coach called me to debut in the liberators, it was another dream. At 17, I also scored my first goal. "

Nickname (Fourth Ray of Saints, after Pelé, Robinho and Neymar): "Lightning in Santos are the players who have a history with the club and who make history."

Madrid knocks on your door: "My parents did nothing to me because I wanted me to concentrate on what I was doing with Santos. I didn't know anything. I was already scoring goals, playing well. There was news that Madrid loved me, but for me it was until my dad told me it was true. It's like a dream. "

Club Subscription: "Everyone has their club in Brazil and one in Europe, mine was Real Madrid. When I found out I didn't know what to do. It was a reality, a dream. I started studying Spanish to get ready. You are going to a new one. It is not so different from Portuguese, but it is complicated to speak. I started studying a year before arriving in Madrid. "

Farewell to the Saints: "A little sad day to say goodbye to everyone, the rest of my family, my friends. But I had in mind that I was realizing my dream: playing at Real Madrid."

Landing in Barajas: "I remember there was a lot of press and a lot of people. I was a little scared, a little nervous."

Presentation: "I remember the feeling of being able to win some champions a day, or two, or three … One day I want to win one, it's the most beautiful football trophy. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I tried to talk Spanish and I think it went well. (Field visit to the presentation with the ball) See people

Royal Madrid Emblem / Flag

Meeting with Zinedine Zidane: "When I met Zidane, I started to tremble. Before I was a player, I watched videos and now would be my entrance. I was delighted with the moment."

Clan & # 39; brazuca & # 39;: Marcelo gave me a lot of confidence and tranquility. Everything I needed was there. So Casemiro also arrived and they told me all their experience in Madrid

First match against Osasuna: "In my debut, I started the game on the bench. When it was hot, I knew I would come in. I was very nervous, but soon I scored. The control was the most beautiful. If you control well, you have everything to make a good move. Everything went well. I didn't believe it, I didn't know what to do. I still feel childish. My father saw the goal all night. "

Vinicius: "Vini it was very important for my adaptation process, I'm a lucky guy ".

Champions debut against Galatasaray: "When I scored the third, I just thought I'd get the ball. Eden told me I should have scored four (laughs). He looks Brazilian, he has Brazilian gestures. He had his wallpaper image on Facebook."

Features: "A lot of speed, dribbling, good passing and good ending. The pipe is my favorite trick. My favorite move is the goal (laughs)."

Ana Julia, her sister: "When I was training, she was born. My father came to see me so I could see her. Nothing in football compares to that day. It's a love that can't be explained (pauses to mourn), crying is not sadness , is a good thing, I have no words, when I talk about my sister it is impossible not to cry. "