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Real Madrid: It's Jovic's turn – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Luka Jovic goes hunting in Bruges. The Bosnian Serb will have the opportunity to compensate, in the last game of the Champions League group stage, for his condition as a side victim of Benzema's splendid year. The second most expensive signature last summer (60 million euros) can barely make the crumbs left by the nine French. For Jovic, there were hardly 319 minutes, which makes him the team's twenty-first football player to participate this season …

Jovic is being the last victim of the Son Moix slip to receive forgiveness & # 39; from Zidane. That day in Mallorca, he started and then arrived 20 minutes at Leganés, 5-0, where he scored his only goal as a Real Madrid player (had to wait until October 30) and even less only 7 & # 39. against Betis. From there he went to purgatory with six consecutive games without scratch ball: Galatasaray, Eibar, Real Sociedad, PSG, Alavés and Espanyol.

Royal Madrid Emblem / Flag

Flagrant was the particular case of this last meeting, which left Zidane in a kind of moral debt to the Balkans. Jovic had been warming up for twenty minutes and Zizou had booked the third change for him, but the red one for Mendy at 83 interrupted the plans and forced the French to rebuild the rear, giving Militao entrance.

Trust Modric

Modric's antiquity is to be the cane Jovic trusts. "I talked to him about my situation and he tells me to be patient," he confessed last week in the Serbian press. It also ensures that you feel Zidane's support. "Trust me and he told me he is happy to receive me"he said, to the point of revealing that the French coach was decisive in his hiring. "Negotiations between the clubs became difficult and he did a lot to make it happen." The pressure was also able. On the way, he was annulled for two goals by the VAR and, although not nearly to the point of crying, like Vinicius, when he scored that first legal goal as a Madrid player, he was released. "It was a relief, the audience was being very hard on me …"he admitted.

Jovic's introvert character is adding your difficulty with spanish (although it helps with the Portuguese you learned at Benfica). This happens to Zidane himself. The cameras captured the coach's problems in Istanbul to make him understand the tactical instructions. "Do you understand?Are you alright? " Zidane came to tell the student in English, looking intrigued. "You attack, attack!" He had to sum up Marseille. It is not an isolated episode.
Jovic is rusting in Madrid, but having, he has a goal. Last year, he scored 27 at Eintracht (17 Bundesliga goals and 10 Europa League goals) and became the youngest football player in German history (aged 20, 9 months and 24 days) to score five goals in Germany match, falling like an atomic bomb in Fortuna Dusseldorf (7-1). In the 21st century, only Lewandowski achieved it in 2015.

Problems with Serbia …

Anyway, it is not an easy season for the Serbian international, because the FIFA charts are not an oasis. He had a disagreement with his coach (Lubisa Tumbakovic) in September, when the Madrid player was forced to play in the last three minutes of a painful 2-4 against Portugal. Since then, he is not mentioned in Serbia's next five games …

All of this will be left behind if, on Jan Breydel, he starts listening to the Champions hymn and taking advantage of it. Bruges, kilometer zero for Jovic.