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Real Madrid Jovic is missing the train – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Real Madrid Jovic is missing the train

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Jovic missed a new opportunity to convince Zidane against Bruges. Serbobosnio started for the fourth time so far this season and left a very gray performance. True, he barely got balls near the area where he feels most comfortable, but his numbers were very low. He struck the goal in his one goal kick (he set well and found a good stop for Mignolet) and little else contributed. Of the 28 passes distributed, twenty were good (71.4%), although the most worrying is where he gave them: only seven (25%) were in the opposite field.

Benzema, who replaced him on 77 minutes, showed him: in just a quarter of an hour, he distributed more passes in the opposite field (12 out of 14 he gave) than Jovic In the rest of the meeting. One more duel and Serbobosnio runs off the train.

A hungry Jovic was expected after stringing six games in a row without playing (Galatasaray, Eibar, Real Sociedad, PSG, Alavés and Espanyol). However, he went completely unnoticed in a meeting that was instrumental in gaining minutes in Madrid's decisive final of the year ahead (Valencia, Barcelona and Atletico before Christmas break). He has only one goal (against Leganés, with the game condemned), far from the 27 he did last year with Eintracht in Frankfurt.

Strikers performance since Benzema's arrival

Player Seasons Goals
Jovic 1 1
Mariano 3 9th
Mayoral 1 7th
Morata 3 30
Chicharito 1 9th
Adebayor 1 8th
Van nistelrooy 1 1
Higuain 4 86

The truth is that Benzema's shadow is very long, especially since Cristiano left. The Frenchman has 237 goals in eleven seasons and only Higuaín could really fight him in one place (see table above). Since leaving Argentina in 2013, Benzema has been undisputed …